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    Thank you, (maybe a 5yr old thread but helped me a lot today) I was having the same issue, placing dowels in the wall. I went from v9.54 to X11. Lot of nice new stuff, but miss a lot of old stuff. Now hopefully I will remember later that it's locked and not wonder why I can't move my walls. LOL
  2. Can you explain how this is done please.
  3. It is just a quick check to make sure the font and or detail is readable at that size, when at scale. No scratching the monitor it's just a small flexible ruler.
  4. Is there a tool that will allow you to click and display the page you are on at scale? I usually just take a ruler and zoom in or out till it is at scale, to confirm that I will like it when it gets printed. Thanks, Jim
  5. I totally understand that, but I have no desire to do something manually if it will do it automagically. Because if something changes than I got to go back and fix that. This program is way beyond my capability to use it, so I didn't know if there was a preset that I had not accessed to attain my goal.
  6. And it may well be that way. I was just hoping someone knew if I was missing something.
  7. Not when the pitches are different. I don't know how to simplify my first post any more than it already is. Yes that is how the fascia should look. but you raised the floor/wall height to achieve that and it appears the pitches are the same. If wall heights are the same, o.h. is the same, heel heights normal, pitches are different the fascia can not be level. This is what I want with autobuild roofs.
  8. The fascia to be different heights.
  9. Ya but I would've still had to give description of my issue. I have the "same height eaves" unchecked. And if I uncheck the "same roof height at ext wall" it still makes the fascia the same height, although it does keep the same amount of o.h. which is better but still not what I need.
  10. Overhang at inside corner, 2 different pitches, main pitch 6", other pitch 3" , same wall heights. Automatic roof build. It is expected that the fascia elevations are different, the wall heights have to stay the same and o.h. stays the same. Program keeps making the fascia elevations the same by extending the overhang of the 3" pitch out, regardless of what the o.h. setting. Yes I can manually pull the roofs back but I prefer to utilize the automatic build as much as possible so I don't have to keep fixing something if a change is made. Thanks, Jim