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  1. I am trying to make my detail page and was hoping there would be a library with all the detail drawings I would need as opposed to drawing them all on my own. I am specifically looking for a truss ladder detail, mandoor and window lintel details, and overhead door lintel details. I saw chief has a library of cad blocks but couldn't find anything close to what I am looking for. Can anyone help shine some light on this? Thanks guys!
  2. I figured it out! Thank you everyone for your combined efforts in helping this newbie! I'm sure I will be back for more! Cheers
  3. Thank you SO much. Do you know how to actually place those ground screws? I was hoping there was an option to replace concrete footings with ground screws but looks like I may have to do it manually - im having a hard time lining up the posts and screws. If that makes sense? Sorry I'm new here!
  4. I am trying to switch out the concrete footings for screw piles but I can't find a ground screw option anywhere. Can anyone shed some light on this?! Thank you!