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  1. Eric, you are absolutely right. I just fixed the signature, thanks for the reference. The plan is attached export-forum.plan
  2. Hello, I have 3 different type of walls - 2x4 spf, 2x4 LSL, 2x4 pressure treated lumber. Framing works fine, but in the material list they all show up as fir stud or fir plate, the only time I see something different than fir is when steel studs are used, but this leads to changes in the framing. I am currently using different type of depth to distinguish the materials but this changes wall thickness and leads to other problems. Any help will be highly appreciated. Cheers, Peter
  3. Hello, hopefully the last question for this week. I am making wiring plans, following the instruction here: using polylines with custom line types, it is working quite good. I am at a point where I want to calculate the materials needed for the different types of wiring. The polylines does not show up in the material list since they are 2D objects and does not have Material as possible selection, which makes sense. Converting 2D poly lines to polylines solid or using straight polyline solids is quite a bit more clumsy to work with compared to regular polylines. Thanks a bunch in advance. Cheers, Peter T
  4. Thanks Glen. looks like I need to upgrade :-).
  5. Hello, I am trying to find an easy and quick way to calculate the length for several different variation for wiring, trunk lines for venting and plumbing. I have one central box (CAD box for example) and several polylines that are "connected" to it and am interested into the length of the polylines. What I want to accomplish is that when I move the box the polylines stretch the end which is "connected" moves, the other end remains at the original position? I can quickly find the total length of the polylines, move the box and then again take the total. Sounds crazy but AFAIK it is possible in AutoCad and other similar software. Cheers, Peter
  6. Thank you for all suggestions, I will try them later this week and write back.
  7. Hello, I have a plan with very complex roof and metal panel roof. In order to calculate everything accurately I want to see the actual roof plane surface dimensions not the projected dimensions of the poly-line to the plan. I can get the surface area accurately but I want to actual dimensions, since it has many planes with different pitches. How can I do that? thanks in advance.