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  1. I have a Chief Architect model of an 8-unit apartment building that we're building. We need to generate a plumbing plan for approval by King County Washington. Does anyone have the ability to generate a 3D plumbing plan from Chief? Thanks, Dave
  2. Here's one of the projects that I'd like to have in Chief / Designer Pro format 5200 plan set V12 11x17.pdf
  3. I'm a experienced builder and Designer Pro / Chief Architect user with multiple projects that I'd like converted from pdf drawings and AutoCAD drawings into Designer Pro / Chief drawings that I can use. I'd do it myself, but I don't have the time or the advanced skillset. I've got lots of projects ranging from single family homes to 8-unit apartment buildings (simple stacked design). If I can find someone with the skills to do this efficiently, then I'd have plenty work to give. I don't need any architectural or engineering help - just looking for an efficient skilled producer. Thanks, Dave