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  1. Thank you Christina! I am sad it is a real thing but also glad I haven't lost more of my mind that previously thought...
  2. Did a quick browse/search and don't see where anyone else has posted about this. Has anyone run into imported materials not stretching properly (or as they previously did in X12 and backwards) in the new X13? I import a lot of custom countertops materials and previously when the material was set to stretch to fit, it would spread out nicely and create a fairly realistic interpretation of the material. In X13, the same material now has multiple directional face lines when on a surface that has a hole in it (i.e. a countertop with sink, etc.). I do remember seeing this same phenomenon in prior versions when I would use a custom tile material on a floor (for like a shower, but I always would undo the stretch to fit option because in those instances I *wanted* the repeating pattern.), but never on a countertop. The attached pictures are the same custom countertop size, sink, faucet and material...just one is x12 and one is X13. Both are using the Custom Countertop tool. I'm pretty sure this has to do with some of the new rendering coding, so maybe it is proper for X13, but I am hoping there is a way to get around it as it does not look good in presentations. Am I missing something easy?
  3. I have had several PM replies, thank you very much everyone! :-)
  4. Fellow CA Users - I am in need of a few custom macro's to be created (and dumb me provided with custom step by step instructions on how to load them), primarily for cabinet labels. I was wondering if anyone who is a whiz at doing this would be willing to work with me and create what I need, for a fee. I have spent some time reading through various posts made on the topic and to be honest, I am in no way, shape or form a programmer and just reading the posts about made my head explode. Based on the time I sunk into trying to make sense out of prior discussions, I have determined it is just better for me to pay someone. :-) If anyone has some free time (yes, I know I am grimacing and laughing at the same time...), please PM me so I can describe what I am hoping to accomplish. Thank you! Hannah