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  1. Thanks Solver. I'm gonna give it another shot.
  2. I'm having a hard time getting this roof on correctly. I've been working on it for hours, not getting any better. Can someone please help. I'm including my plan along with the plans and elevations from the design company. I know it's a mess. I've tried auto generating the roof then manipulating it, I've tried drawing from scratch. And the really cool thing is it doesn't even have to look perfect anywhere but the front, because it's only a front elevation rendering. I know there may be a couple random doors or windows on it. They aren't correct, I just used them to help me find my place. Thanks for any help. roof from.plan
  3. Sorry about that. Premier x11 version and camera view. I just need it to be a visible herringbone pattern on an exterior brick that will show up when I export the model then import to Lumion.
  4. Is it possible to use one of the material patterns available in Chief to create an exterior brick pattern that shows up in camera mode? I use Premier x11.
  5. I;m working on a project that has a small garden wall in the front that has a curve on top and a stone fence/wall on the left with a gate that is curved. How do you curve or arc the top of a garden fence or wall? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks to everyone and thank you for the video. It was a big help. I think I might have gone in and changed ceiling heights to try to get the roof to work. That probably caused problems for people trying to help. The front gables are higher because those ceiling heights should have been higher. My fault there.
  7. Would love to see a video of how made this work.
  8. That's it!! Thanks to everyone for the help. I was, still am, ready to put the builder plans into the fire pit. You really saved the day.
  9. SNestor, that one even has that goofy little peak on the back. Nice job. You guys rock!
  10. Sorry for the slow response. I was at work. That's really close. Thank you so much for the help. If you ever want to tutor, I need to really learn how to do roofs in Chief. I can get the basics, but when it starts throwing out crazy angles and pitches I can't always modify them and get it right. Thanks again!!
  11. I've tried but I think I just don't really understand the fundamentals. Three days and probably 20 plus hours.
  12. I've been working in Chief for many years, but it was mostly interiors. I'm now doing renderings for builders and having problems with roofs. I've watched tons of videos on Chief website and YouTube, but I still have trouble if the plan is complicated. I would love to do some training with someone who is proficient with roofs. Does anyone know of anyone who offers private classes or lessons? Thanks
  13. Sorry about the poor quality of the elevations. The back elevation is the major problem, but I'm just not getting it right all the way around.
  14. I will apologize for my lack of tech knowledge, but I tried to upload my plan but it was too large.
  15. I'm currently working on a render for a builder. I didn't create the design. I'm only doing a rendering for his client, and I'm have a tough time getting the roof right. Roofs are not my strong point anyway and this one is eating my lunch! ANY help would be greatly appreciated.