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  1. 5 minutes ago, Ridge_Runner said:

    Are these things actually "padded," like "soft" toilet seats, or is it just a rounded-raised profile? I am obviously not an interior designer!:unsure:



    No, They are rounded raised profile


  2. 1 hour ago, MarkMc said:

    Here's two very slight difference in the pillow. Plan to use making one with molding profiles. If making a new symbol need to rotate it to vertical while converting and make sure you use stretch planes.

    I went through that with a client not long ago Even though I knew what she meant sort of, it was supposed to be a specific door from a specific mfg-so why not send me a picture,  cad, the name, something-I'm thinking come on your a pro right-act like one. (had a run of this kind of be Karnac nonsense so just ranting)

    pillow door.jpg

    Lightholder Pillow door.plan

    Added after thinking a minute- you may be awarre but just in case be careful designing with the deeper pillow doors. It's possible to end up in a situation where they run when opening (that's one I learned when a co-worker was learning it the hard way)


    Thank you so much