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  1. Thank you Michael, that is the answer I was looking for. I looked in the help files and searched Basement Rooms as you said and I did find it, I guess I wasn't searching for the right thing I appreciate your time in helping me resolve this. I leave auto-rebuild on while I'm teaching my high school students because it is just easier for them to understand what a foundation is. Thanks again.
  2. I tried an out box template, the Chief Residential Template.plan and I get the same results.
  3. I don't have the option for "Basement" room type. You got me thinking so i tried to name it a room I wasn't using "nook" then changed the floor to a 4" slab. I then Rebuilt the foundation and the 3/4" hardwood floor finished floor came back.
  4. I click OK because I want to use the Auto-rebuild foundation feature throughout the project. I know I can wait until the end of the project and then just delete the floor and ceiling finish and that shuts off the Auto-rebuild foundation. That is what I have been doing right along. I just remember a few versions ago X8 or X9 I didn't have this problem.
  5. I ha I did delete the floor in the defaults (wrench) am I must be missing something.
  6. Thanks Joey, but once I turn Auto-rebuild back on, it add the finished floor right back in. Could it be a setting in the template i'm using?
  7. Thanks for the response, I have deleted the finished floor in the floor defaults and I can continue with Auto-rebuild off which is no big deal. I guess my question would be: Can I use "Auto-rebuild Foundation" without a finished floor and leave it on so when I'm making changes to the first floor it will make the changes below?
  8. I have searched through the Q & A thread and and tried to find a help video but just can't find an answer for a dumb question. I can't get rid of the finished floor in the basement while leaving "Automatically rebuild foundation" ON. I've tried changing Floors and Room defaults for Floor "0" but when I turn the auto-rebuild foundation back on Chief puts the finished floor back.
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