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  1. Thanks, gat it now. How can I add a pitch to the trusses to give the roof a degree of slantiness? how can I show the draining point for this type of roof?
  2. yes, my roof is actually a floor from the second level....but is there a way to make a hidden roof without having to make a second floor? perhaps that would be easy to make roof trusses. attached is my plan, review and advise semi detached 2 bedroom-lazi.plan
  3. here is the plan semi detached 2 bedroom-lazi.plan
  4. I am unable to add roof trusses on my hidden roof house plan. forinstance in the image attached I want to show trusses for this kind of roof plane
  5. Flat roof with parapet walls. Been trying to show how trusses will look like.
  6. How can I add trusses to a hidden roof plan? I wanna show it on the truss plan view in layout
  7. I have a door schedule up, but I can't figure out how to add a 3D exterior elevation column ( image thumbnail) can Anyone show me how to?