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  1. Hi there, I changed my wall definition to contain a hatch for new walls, but it doesn't show in my plans. I can't find where to change how the walls display in plan view, please help!
  2. Hello, This is Holly at Neil Kelly. I just took the 3D walk through webinar and made a walk through for practice. it was for an exterior and I saw that my fencing layer was not showing. How do you control what layers are showing when you make the walk through? Also when doing an exterior walk through is it possible to have the applied backdrop show or will it be blue? Thank you.
  3. Design Associate for Residential Remodeling Neil Kelly Company, a 70-year-old, family-owned residential remodeling contractor, has an opening for detail-oriented Design Associate in our Seattle operations. Our projects include whole house remodels, additions, kitchens, baths and residential retrofits related to energy efficiency, and more. Successful candidates with have experience drafting in Chief Architect / AutoCAD, materials research, taking job site measurements, estimating and project scheduling. Neil Kelly Design Associates are key to facilitating the design-build process, and must have the ability to draft and render with both the clients’ and builders’ perspectives in mind. Check us out at Apply at
  4. Hi, I am printing from Layout and some of my pages are printing with darker line types. The line types are the same throughout and I am not doing anything different when sending to layout. See attached remodeled plan vs. electrical. The electrical lines are showing up darker. Can anyone help? Thanks. Dark Lines.pdf
  5. I am trying to draw a simple single story living room addition abutting to a 2 story existing house. The new living room is to have a vaulted ceiling however when I un-check "flat ceiling over this room" I wind up seeing the siding layer of the 2nd story exterior wall on the inside of my living room. Does anyone know a good way to fix this issue?