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  1. Hello! Two questions ... First one is regarding the photo I've attached. How do I get my wall to extend up to the roof behind the garage? Second one, how can I get multiple materials on the exterior of my walls? For example, board & batten siding and river rock. Thanks!
  2. Help! How do I connect the walls to the roof?
  3. Thank you! That fixed it!
  4. I'm working on this project for a summer class.. I'm finished and was taking perspectives and a couple ray trace. I changed some of the settings in the ray chase for lights and such, and then I move to another part of the building and the ceiling is gone!! What did I do wrong? And how do I fix it?! Please help!! I attached a snap of the outside of the building...no ceiling in the center (also I know my glass panels extend above the ceiling don't judge me)
  5. Hello! I downloaded Chief in January, only to find that it didn't come with the core catalogs, or any of the catalogs. I know that I can download individual things through the website, however they still aren't loading into Chief. I have x10 and I downloaded the x10 catalog, still unable to use it. For example, I downloaded a bunch of wood material catalogs to change my cabinets. When I go into materials, I see all the materials say "Texture Missing" with a yellow !. Some of the materials don't even have a name or a photo, there's a folder, but its just blank. Help! I use Chief for school and I need these materials to be able to work on my projects at home. Please help!
  6. Is there a way to make stairs that go down rather than up? I'm trying to create a one-story home with stairs down to the basement, however I have no desire to create the basement level. Is this something that I'll have to do in order to get stairs going down? Help!