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  1. The cabinetry in my wall elevation view is showing as dotted, even though I have the settings as a full line. Anyone know how to fix this? Is this camera view for sectionals, and the cross section/elevation tool used for cabinetry?
  2. I've been using CA for years. Some builders have asked me to use Revit so the CAD files can be shared. However, other architects and drafters say they never share their CAD files, because dodgy builders can alter and submit plans that don't comply. The drafter I learnt under always said never give builders CAD files for this reason. Other than large firms that have different departments and share files, it seems like noone shares outside their office. What is everyone's position on sharing CAD files?
  3. I am using X12. When working in 3D it keeps crashing with the attached message. Im using an RTX 3080 10gb graphics card with 32mg ram, water cooled. Anyone had this or know how to fix it?
  4. Ive been getting into the engineering side of CA. Its quite good, and much quicker than the framing engineering program I use at work. Couple of questions: Is there a way to lock noggings so they don't span more than 1300? So on a raked ceiling there would be 2 rows? At the moment it centres 1 row regardless of height. Is there a way to colour code the joists? I change the joist/rim joist material and colour, but it reverts to the standard colour when I refresh. where my deck meets the main floor, the joist is slightly off and lines up with the back of the external wall. I want it to line up with the front. Is there any way to do this? On the image attached, I want the PFC to face outwards automatically, and the joists to touch to back of the C. Is there a way to do this? The framing settings just give a standard setting. But double clicking on each component opens up options, but they keep reverting to the standard.
  5. I was playing around with settings and now my deck railings won't create deck rooms. I've played around with all the defaults and can't get it to work. Anyone know what would be going on here?
  6. Does CA X15/X14 expert to ICF? Or is there a converter that will covert DXF/DWG/DAE to ICF?
  7. Is there a way to convert a 3D DXF file to a IFC? Or is there a converter that can do it?
  8. Anyone know how to put a sill/bottom frame on a SGD? I don't want to raise it 20mm and shorten it as it throws out the schedules.
  9. I have a template that I copy/paste. It has worked fine for years. Now the User Library and settings go back to an older state when I copy/paste. Even if I copy and save the same plan to make modifications to it, the User LIbrary and settings change. Anyone know why this would be happening?
  10. I making these 10x20 battens to go on a wall. They are 20mm apart. However, anything under 50mm apart auto-joins and makes a panel. I have noticed this when I push a vanity close to a wall or shower wall also - it automatically touches. I want to show that there is a small gap. I have dropped the line weight to 1 but it still does it. Anyone know how to fix this? Using X14
  11. How can I create this external wall with a 3D look? Its like a sheet with batten strips moulded in. Im using a soffit to make the battens and dragging them across to copy them, but if you change windows etc, it takes a lot of time to change them.
  12. Anyone know why my corner windows have this gap in them?
  13. I am using X12. I am trying to show internal walls that show the door openings/centres but they will not show. The wall-to-wall dimension shows and I've got Openings checked but nothing. Anyone know how to fix this?
  14. Can anyone tell me why my roof trusses are not showing when I draw them in on this plan? I've watched every video and cannot work them out. The closest I came was getting trusses with vertical studs/gable end style. Uploaded them to online docs due to size: Also, I am trying to show 22mm battens on top of the truss, and attached to the ceiling for the wall plasterboard to attached to (Australian style). Does anyone know how to set this up? see attached Using x12.
  15. Is there a quick way to do this roofline? I tried putting another level above but its not working. I've done this years ago but can't get it now
  16. Attached are the section and plan views. The dormer above the Living works fine. The one in the bedroom is having glitches. The upper floor is a 1500 high half-height room.
  17. This is the plan and sectional showing the railing upstairs
  18. Anyone know why my railings are cutting through the ceiling?
  19. Can anyone tell me why my dormer window is all strange inside?
  20. What do you have your post settings at? Mine go through the roofline no matter what I change.
  21. I've never figured this out. When I put a skillion/sloping roof over a deck, the posts never reach to the top. I've tried everything. I usually do them to the top rail only, then add a full height post made from a soffit, but it takes time. There must be a way it does it automatically. Anyone know?
  22. I've got a lot of detail in my plans and 3D. Ive got 8gb DDR4 ram. The stats show its using around 6gb of that. Im thinking I need to go 12gb or even 16gb. Before I shell out for it, I just want to check opinions if 12gb will speed it up?
  23. Figured something out. You can double-click on the schedule, then unselect the rooms you dont want included. It deleted them and adds up the total of the ones you kept.
  24. Thanks. I never used Object Eyedropper. It would have saved me hours.
  25. Finally got it. I made the mistake of editing Page 1 as the template, when I should have edited Page 0. Seems obvious now.