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  1. Can anyone tell me why my roof trusses are not showing when I draw them in on this plan? I've watched every video and cannot work them out. The closest I came was getting trusses with vertical studs/gable end style. Uploaded them to online docs due to size: Also, I am trying to show 22mm battens on top of the truss, and attached to the ceiling for the wall plasterboard to attached to (Australian style). Does anyone know how to set this up? see attached Using x12.
  2. Is there a quick way to do this roofline? I tried putting another level above but its not working. I've done this years ago but can't get it now
  3. Attached are the section and plan views. The dormer above the Living works fine. The one in the bedroom is having glitches. The upper floor is a 1500 high half-height room.
  4. This is the plan and sectional showing the railing upstairs
  5. Anyone know why my railings are cutting through the ceiling?
  6. Can anyone tell me why my dormer window is all strange inside?
  7. What do you have your post settings at? Mine go through the roofline no matter what I change.
  8. I've never figured this out. When I put a skillion/sloping roof over a deck, the posts never reach to the top. I've tried everything. I usually do them to the top rail only, then add a full height post made from a soffit, but it takes time. There must be a way it does it automatically. Anyone know?
  9. I've got a lot of detail in my plans and 3D. Ive got 8gb DDR4 ram. The stats show its using around 6gb of that. Im thinking I need to go 12gb or even 16gb. Before I shell out for it, I just want to check opinions if 12gb will speed it up?
  10. Figured something out. You can double-click on the schedule, then unselect the rooms you dont want included. It deleted them and adds up the total of the ones you kept.
  11. Thanks. I never used Object Eyedropper. It would have saved me hours.
  12. Finally got it. I made the mistake of editing Page 1 as the template, when I should have edited Page 0. Seems obvious now.
  13. Does anyone know why you can't select multiple rooms and change the Room Type for them? It would be good to select all the carpeted bedrooms and change the room type and fill type at once.
  14. Does anyone know if there is a way to sub-total Room Types in the Room Schedule? For costings it would be ideal to have the wet areas, concrete, raised floor ect automatically broken down.
  15. Im trying to delete that Page 0 as it was a completely different sheet design, but it won't let me modify it or delete. If I try and start a new layout, it still inserts it. Does anyone know how to get rid of it?