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  1. Hello! I'm trying to build an elevated, split level deck off the back of an existing house. No exactly sure if I'm on the right track. The larger stairs will change. But having trouble with the platforms. Basically, this is not my wheelhouse and could use some guidance. Much appreciated!
  2. thanks, my friend. I'll try that but for right now i'm going to pour a glass of winae and make dinner...need to step away from this issue. thanks again
  3. okay, made the window smaller and...nothing.
  4. I only have one window open.
  5. How do I do that? I've only been using this program for about a year...self-taught. Much appreciate the help.
  6. I can pull it up IF I click on an object, such as a cabinet, but not from the tool bar...
  7. Ok, tried that. Nothing.
  8. Ah, yes, sorry. The issue I'm having is the Library Browser isn't coming up. Checked project Browser and ALDO and still nothing...
  9. When I click on the Library icon nothing happens... There's a check mark in the box indicating it has been chosen but nothing is coming up. What do I do to fix this? It's an issue with every project I open.