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  1. YES! justmejerry! That was it! You rock! Thank you a thousand times! Greatly appreciated! Lauren
  2. Hi All, I just suddenly can't remember if we have a way to show the length of a wall while you're drawing it. I work with so many different types of design software and normally, I can see the length of a wall when I'm drawing it. That way, when I get close to the specific length I want, I can slow down until it's perfect (or right click and specify the exact length after drawing it). Did we ever have that option with CA so that when you're drawing a wall with your cursor/mouse that you're seeing the length of the wall as you create it? If so, where in the set
  3. Thanks Mick! I'm going to do all of this tomorrow. Brain is overloaded today. Haha! Appreciate your help. Lauren
  4. Yes, rgardner... thank you. So when I saw those "crashing issues" being discussed on ChiefTalk forum in February, it must have been those couple of days. But anyway, thank you for the info. By the way, when I download the X12, do I just install it over the X11 version? I mean, will it automatically override the X11 version? Or do I need to completely uninstall the X11 and then install X12? Thanks Lauren X11 Premier, Windows 10, PC
  5. You're still not understanding what I'm saying. I do NOT have X12 yet. I have X11 with NO issues at all. I have NOT downloaded X12 yet (though I paid for the upgrade in February of this year). I was asking it the issues that I had read about on ChiefTalk in late February regarding X12 crashing, were still an issue. I asked that because I didn't want to upgrade my X11 to X12 if there were still crashing issues. That's it. MY COMPUTER HAS NEVER CRASHED WITH CHIEF ARCHITECT. So what are you talking about when you say "it's still on my end?" WHAT is still on m
  6. LOL! "Chief Architect is not 20-20 and you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet." That's an odd thing to say considering I READ IT ON CHIEFTALK! Not just some place on the "internet." Isn't that the purpose of ChiefTalk... to find issues and resolve them among Chief Architect users? That's where I go for answers. And of course I know Chief Architect is NOT 2020 Design. THAT WAS MY POINT! I love Chief Architect. But I was "forced" to use 2020 Design software on a computer at work awhile back. And it's crap because 1) it can't ever do what CA does, 2) it crashes ab
  7. I went to my post and clicked "edit.". Still saw nothing to "click" on that shows this thread has been answered. So I just put "Answered" next to the original topic subject line.
  8. Thanks kMoquin! The forum posts that I saw early in February really scared me. So I didn't want to download it until I knew things were stable. I'll download it today. Thanks! Lauren
  9. I DON'T have X12. What I was saying that is that just before I was about to download it, I saw several posts in ChiefTalk from people who said X12 was crashing. So before I decide to download it (since I paid for the upgrade earlier in February), I wanted to make sure there were no more issues with it crashing. The only crashing with design software I've ever had personally is with that "2020 Design" software. But I have an extremely beefy computer that I specifically purchased for using Chief Architect. So my computer is fine. 2020 Design software is NOT fine. (I don't use it any
  10. Thank you... how do I "edit" the thread? I've looked in a few places and it only allows me to "delete" my original question.
  11. Hi All, I really hope I don't open up a can of worms asking this. I bought the upgrade in February so that I could download X12. But a few days after I bought the upgrade I went to ChiefTalk about another question, and saw that several people were having problems with X12 crashing on them. So I haven't downloaded X12 yet. Is anyone still having issues with X12 crashing, or has that issue been resolved? I'd really like to download X12 but am in the middle of several projects and I don't want to have to deal with the program crashing. (Beca
  12. How do I mark that this question has been answered? (or do I?)
  13. I actually had to go into Terrain Specification and check "Hide terrain Intersected by Building." I'm thankful you gave me a place to start searching for it! You rock! Thank you again!
  14. Any idea how to make them go away? I don't want them seen on my plan.