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    Independent stair specifications?

    Ah I see, "Shift" was the correct button. Thank you
  2. MaxStudio

    Independent stair specifications?

    I've tried the above and it brings me to the same dialog box which affects both portions of the stair. It seems the only thing I have independent control over are the risers/rise/tread info in the general tab (see photo). Are all other attributes seem to treat the stair as one object.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have an L-shaped stair with a landing at the center. Is there a way to independently apply railings or other specifications to just the top or bottom portion of the stair? Thanks
  4. MaxStudio

    Stairs, Railings and Walls...

    Thanks Eric It seems creating the panel below the lower portion of the stair also creates a panel below the upper portion of the stair. I think your solution might be the way to go. Thanks Again
  5. MaxStudio

    Stairs, Railings and Walls...

    Hi Everyone, I am having an issue with an L-shaped stair. The lower portion of the stair is wider than the landing and overlaps the wall. The railing should die into the wall like shown but, the corner of the wall is not showing. I'm assuming it is because the stair itself is preventing the wall below from extending up (see photos 1A, 1B, 1C) I have a stair to the basement directly below this stair which is why I'm using a wall below (to define the the "open to below" space) My attempt at fixing this issue was to make the wall below the stair invisible (which allows me to maintain the "open to below" space) I then selected the stair and deselected "Open Underneath" via the Style menu. This looks correct in the perspective view but, it leaves my plan view undesirable because it shows an invisible wall below the stair (see photos 2A, 2B, 2C) In an effort to rectify this issue I relocated my breakline which I believe circumvents the issue. (see photo 3A) Anyone know of another way? Thanks