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  1. Is there a way to pass data into CA via the variables from other programs? Specifically I want to populate my client information automatically from a client database I have versus re-typing. Thanks
  2. Thanks all. Light bulb finally went on albeit dimly. The KB notice showed up and when I opened and read it with your info it made sense (Reference Number: KB-00821)
  3. I tried the different "section" locations but that didn't make a difference, the posts just don't "exist" with respect to the dimension tool in this view. Seems to work fine in the floor view. I can do the manual and CAD stuff but I was hoping for live dimensions I could use to move the posts and that would move with them. So basically other than a workaround, there is no way to do this? What other structures are affected like this so I'm not frustrated trying to find a way in the future.
  4. I am manually drawing a screened porch with 6 by 6 posts (drawn as Framing,posts). I can't get my dimension lines to attach to the posts in a Cross Section/Elevation. If I manually place they do not attach either. Note screenshot, dimension picks up the railing which i do not want but will not locate on edges of posts. I'm sure I'm missing something basic but I've searched help and all the dialog and nothing is popping out. Thanks in advance.