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  1. Oostin

    Missing Fascia Board

  2. Oostin

    Missing Fascia Board

    X10, sorry.
  3. Oostin

    Missing Fascia Board

    I am using chief architect version 10. When I use the "create a hole in selected object tool" on my a-frame's roof, it deletes the fascia board. Does anyone know how to prevent this>?
  4. Oostin

    A-Frame Shed Rood

    Would you mind linking one of these videos? I tried finding one myself but I could not figure out which one I am meant to be looking at. Thank you for your help.
  5. Oostin

    A-Frame Shed Rood

    Premier X10
  6. Oostin

    A-Frame Shed Rood

    How would I go about raising the height of my roof, without changing the pitch? I want the roof line to end at the deck, but when I try to modify the roof with the edit handle the wall comes up against. I want the wall to end at the deck of my A-frame, ad have the roof end at the deck.