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  1. Thank you Joey. That got me where I needed to be. what I added to your suggestion was to create room dividers on the foundation layer and match those to the floor 1 walls then I removed the ceiling from the foundation layer and the floor from floor 1. Now I'll have to add framing...
  2. In my plan I need most of the foundation to be a monolithic slab except in areas where there are pipes such as the bathroom. I am trying to figure out how to cut a hole in a foundation that I have generated in CA with the foundation tool, but when I try the "slab hole with footing" and the "Hole in floor platform" tools I get errors. "could not create hole in floor platform" and "a slab hole must be placed inside a slab". To elaborate on the foundation, it will be piers 4ft into the ground then a normal monolithic slab and footings will be poured on top of the piers. The footin