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  1. How long can Chief Architect evolve? From what I have seen, it has reached the apex of its evolution. What more can this program offer, that it does not already cover? Even the lesser versions show signs of supremecy that to my mind, show the height of development. Interactive scenarios with house building techniques in active motion, sound proof testing and elevator integration and electric efficiency tests are the only things I can think of.
  2. Excuse me, I misunderstood where I was posting. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  3. I have stated that Home Designer Pro was the best choice for me. I still believe that, owing to the rich set of design features of said program, but I did not know the differences between Pro and the other versions, so I have tried the versions below it to determine what they were. I have examined Essentials, Home Suite and Professional, with the intent of uncovering the differences between them. Granted, the comparison sheet between them is very coprehensive, but I needed to know what the stripped down versions of Home Designer had and what they were lacking firsthand, by looking at what was on offer and what was missing. Who else here has tested multiple versions of Home Designer? I ask because I would be interested to hear the opinions of people who have seen how the various versions compare and contrast with each other. I like Pro, but since I have conducted my trial runs, starting with Essentials and Suite and have purchased both, so that I may have time to study both programs during my rather busy routine. I feel like I need to get to know Home Designer starting from its roots, and then working my way upwards through Suite, to Architectural and then finally, settling down with Pro. Is this an enlightened approach?
  4. I would prefer to slowly work my way up the ladder. I refunded Home Suite because it seemed like a rung that was too high for me at the time. I'm going to climb higher in future, but if I start at the bottom, I feel I can better grasp the principals of the program. I do appreciate, though, that the upgrade to the next version of Suite is only 19$. That's a kind thing to offer.
  5. I have looked at the differences and I can understand the need for a higher price tag. I would say the eye of the beholder is what sees the most suitable version. I myself believe Home Essentials offers me what I need for now - settings in which fictional characters from my future novels or screenplays can enage each other. One thing is to imagine a close or ranged encounter, but it is quite another to visualise it. Home Designer offers me the chance to see how the people involved in a fight involving firearms could make use of a house, or even a deck to their advantage.
  6. So, if that's the case, the developers of Chief Architect should invest the money from the sales of their products over time to make sure they can evolve it. Soon, v.11 of CA will be released. Would you say that 11 years spent to make the program was time, or should we say, money well invested?
  7. Okay, no hard feelings. By the way, as a Chief Architect user, how respected is that program in the state of San Diego? I ask because where I live, Alcalá de Henares, is the sister city of San Diego. I would be very interested to know, as over here, Chief Architect is not used. Due to translation issues, Ashampoo 3D Cad is more sought after.
  8. Actually, I didn't know what to think. What does being smart have to do with such a very slight price adjustment under a solid number?
  9. I appreciate all your feedback very much. I am now developing a better understanding of the finnancial side of CAD software. So, let's take the cost of Home Designer Professional, for example. Its price of 495 USD is meant to cover the anual development of said program, which, in the course of ten years, supposing one update of the prgram were released per year, would lead to a revenue of 4,995 USD times the number of units sold, not taking into account the upgrade price. That would mean a minimal income of 49,995 USD in one decade. Only, why is the price for Home Designer Pro not rounded up to 500 USD? Why make a reduction of only 5 dollars?
  10. Here is a link to that information...
  11. Thank you for your rather enlightening feedback. No, you're quite right, I'm not too familiar with said software at all. I'm quite astounded by the high fees asked. May I ask why they are so high? What does so much money go into? Who can afford to pay so much and why would they invest so much? Is this unique to the American consumer market or do other countries share it? Also, you're right about Chief Architect Premier, by comparison to the other CAD software you mentioned.
  12. I would like to understand why Chief Architect has such a high price tag. By comparison, the Home Designer Programs are much more affordable. I live outside the US and I certainly do not understand why any program would charge such a high fee. It is the first that I have encountered in my lifetime. Please explain.