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  1. Eric- Thank you. I'm now back working with CA and will noodle on your instructions. I've suspected for a while that I couldn't block the window and pass through together, so your solution is most helpful. Lee
  2. Yes, I know about pass throughs. My walls are 10-1/2" thick, consisting of two parallel 2x4 walls. Yes, CA will allow me to create a window through that thickness, but the side jambs have to be straight through, not flared, which is the way I want them drawn. So, I've created a casement window in the outer wall and then created a pass through (similar to the wedge molding shown above) in the inner wall. I've tried to save this combination as an architectural block and CA will only save them as separate objects, not as one. So, for example, when I place the Library casement window in the outer
  3. I've been posting this for nearly a year. Everyone says it's simple to do directly in CA, yet no one has shown me how to do it. I've spoken with or hired CA users with 15-25 years of experience and none of them have been able to do it. If it's so simple, show me. The photo, sketches, and narrative are very clear in what I'm looking for.
  4. Looking for someone to create a window component in SketchUp which I can then import into CA X7 as an architectural block. The window component would include flared side jambs and a wood sill. I use Euro tilt-and-turn windows. These windows are set into a 10-1/2" exterior wall. I am not looking for a detailed CAD drawing, but rather a drawing that is representative of the style. I have been using CA's single casement window as a good approximation in drawings without the flare. The rest of the window specs in CA work well, it's just that CA won't allow me to create the flare. Object must be ca
  5. I've attached two renderings, but need someone to walk me through the process of creating the renderings in CA X7. A video would be ideal or a collaborative connection such as GoToMeeting. I will compensate you. I have an as-built photo, too, which I can email you. (Can't get it to show on ChiefTalk.) You can email me at: mcginley@gmavt.net.
  6. I design high performance homes with double stud wall exterior walls, which are typically 10-1/2" thick. X7 will allow me to place windows in these walls, but with straight sides (90 degrees to the window plane). I want to flare a portion of the interior side of the window at 30 degrees. My attempts have been unsuccessful and would appreciate any assistance.
  7. Looking for experienced X7 user familiar with advanced framing techniques and deep wall construction to assist with drawings. Would be open to retainer compensation with hours withdrawn as used. I live in Vermont, so familiarity with northeast residential construction detailing would be required.
  8. Hi, Eric- Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I'm on a Mac and cannot read B.zip files. Can you resend as a PDF file? Thanks. Lee
  9. I'm designing a high performance home with 10-1/2" exterior walls. I've modified Chief's single casement window style to accommodate Euro-style tilt-and-turn windows to give a "close enough" look. Then followed Chief's instructions for placing them in thick walls. Unfortunately, C A only allows straight through openings. I want the side openings to flare at 30 degrees. Ideally, I'd like to create a Library object that I can repeat, perhaps even scale. I use 4 different size windows now.