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  1. I can open the specification of the Base Cabinet dialog box, and able to use other tabs but Accessories I can open, however, the Panel Style library is Inactive. How to solve this issue? CHIEF ARCHITECT_BASE CABINET-PANYL STYLE ACCESSORIES INACTIVE.pdf
  2. Thank you I will, but at the mean time I discovered I have to hit next and it will direct me to select that specific room ..very strange
  3. This is the first time I can't select the rooms in the second floor but an overall room fill shaded appears . is there anyway to solve this issue and be able to select spaces to renam them? CHIEF ARCHITECT - ROOM SELECTION ISSUE.pdf
  4. Hi, I have a question about generating the Materials Schedule and the best way to Print it correctly. I am encountering missing the Columns Titles at the Top of the Schedule and I need to know how to adjust the whole Schedule to fit in the printing Area without losing the title information. Thank you