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  1. I tried inserting an apron front sink in a custom countertop and it is still showing an edge in the 3D view. I tried adding a hole to the counter top and it didn't change anything. Any ideas of how to make this edge disappear?
  2. Hi All! It was a display setting on the Back Clip however my file ended up getting corrupted and I lost everything. Thank you for all the help!
  3. Hello! I opened up an elevation on a wall of appliances and none of the appliances would show up in elevation. They would only be visible in 3D and plan view. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. LeeAnn Baker Interiors is a small design firm based in Seattle, WA. We are looking for a senior designer with Chief Architect experience and can help with our heavy work load. This position could either be part time or full time. Please visit our website to see the types of work we do- If interested please call or email the following. We look forward to hearing from you! (206)-784-4710