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    Artificial Light in Ray Trace

    Thanks Mick! We don't normally tile those returns, just the rear wall under the range wall cabinets. Nice catch on the backsplash tile adjustment. I will play with this later this afternoon when I get back on that computer!
  2. Chris-G

    Artificial Light in Ray Trace

    Adjusted the sun color and the cabinet partition worked perfectly, great idea! Here's the results!
  3. Chris-G

    Artificial Light in Ray Trace

    That helped a lot! 3D lights are great.. Perfect to add a little fill light to control some shadows. This is so much more fun when things start working properly! Random question, any idea of a better way to build the wall under the island overhang? The only way I've been able to get this to work is add a pony wall with an added cap, but this only puts baseboard on the face of the wall, not the 4" returns. If I just add a normal interior wall, it won't let me add moldings at all. I can't thank you guys enough for all of the expert help, couldn't have done this without you!
  4. Chris-G

    Artificial Light in Ray Trace

    You guys are so helpful!! I've only ever used CA to draw simple 2D Floor Plans that we customize and print for our home buyers. This 3D PBR is totally new to me and it's amazing how much it can do, especially with your help! Here's a a progress shot! The only thing I have to be careful with is adding too many lights. I can only show (4) recessed can lights in the Kitchen because that's what we include in this model. I'm trying to keep them as real as possible so that potential buyers know exactly what they'll be getting. What do you guys think of this?! Thank you again so much for all of your help and advice!
  5. Chris-G

    Artificial Light in Ray Trace

    I adjusted the lighting and the exposure in the Technique Options. I do have large Sliding Glass Doors at the rear of the room just like we build in our actual houses. I did not have a roof so I've added one and I'm not familiar with adding foundations in CA. Also added Sky3 per your recommendation. Here's an updated CA entire plan backup file. The scene lighting still seems very odd, and I'm also not sure what's going on with the door next to the refrigerator and the baseboard under the Kitchen bar top. I have a much greater appreciation for everyone's beautiful renderings now..this stuff is difficult!
  6. Chris-G

    Artificial Light in Ray Trace

    Thank you for the input and help Mick! I'm using X10 on a Windows 10 machine. I didn't even know PBR existed, I've done some research on that and am forgoing RT and moving to PBR! However, I still don't understand how to make the lighting look natural! I've tried adjust the sun all different ways but no matter what I do, the scene looks like a nighttime scene. I've attached an export of where I'm at and the plan file, because yes, I still had the plan file open. Sorry, I'm fairly new to all of this! Thank you again!!
  7. Hello all! I'm brand new to Ray Tracing and was hoping to find some help here. I've read several other threads and watched all of the training videos Chief Architect offers, but I still can't seem to figure this out! I'm unable to get my artificial lights to have any effect in my scene. The light fixtures themselves look like they are on, but they don't cast any light or shadows onto the items in my scene. I want the pendant lights to cast light/reflection onto the Island top and cast a shadow of the bar stools onto the floor. I've tried changing the pendant lights from a point to a spot light and it made absolutely no difference. It's almost as if the artificial lights don't work! The only place they seem to have any effect is on the backsplash tile, but they don't effect the countertop below them at all. The attached Rendering example shows what I want the lights to look like in my Ray Trace (obviously with softer shadows.) Any thoughts or ideas? I'm also happy to upload the CA file if anyone is interested, it wouldn't allow me to attach it to this post though.. Thank you in advance for any help! I really appreciate it!