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  1. Many thanks glennw, couldn't find how to edit that. Solved. Regards. Giorgio
  2. Hello, i kndly ask you for some clarification related to the texture application on cad layers. i've imported a 3d .dwg cad file which represents a kitchen design. I'm importing the whole file as a 3d symbol into a plan and applying different texture materials to the different layers which are well recognized by the sw. My issues come from the fact that when i try to display the 3d view of the model in order to have a look at the kitchen rendering, the textures seem to be stretched along the whole layer surfaces, affecting the rendering quality. Is it possibile to manage how the texture is applied to a layer? I just cannot find how to do that. Or is the issure related to just some uncorrect graphic settings? Attached you can find images which describe the graphic card status, the 3d autocad model and the X10 Chief architec 3d view. Waiting for your kind feedback. BR Giorgio