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    For some reason I cant get the dormer to work. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong.
  2. If anyone has advice on how to just change the siding on the enclosed porch above the stone to a different siding like vertical siding? I keep trying to change it, but it changes the main house and garage siding.
  3. Thank you Mick and David for the help!!
  4. Yes, Plus the stone is flush with siding. How do you get the stone to be wider than the siding above?
  5. How do I change the upper siding on front enclosed porch above the stone without affecting the stone and siding on the main house?
  6. There is a problem processing uploaded file. Still looking for answer on why the stone is the same face as the siding above.
  7. Hello Solver, Trying to upload, not sure if it is working.
  8. great, thank you. That worked. How do I fix the stone to have a shelf?
  9. I can get only one siding to work. The pony wall will not show the material just on the lower part and siding above.