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  1. Please email me at I'd like to talk about future work.
  2. Hello, I am a builder here in Santa Cruz California. I am looking to sub out 3D modeling/CAD to a well skilled and proficient individual in Chief Architect. My homes are contemporary and modern pushing current home designs. I am looking for a individual well versed in this field, understands contemporary design, and knows how to think outside the box. Please PM me with your information and portfolio or current projects. Thanks -B
  3. Never mind. To any that may read. If after down loading program and the trial version is given... At the bottom of the window is a very small TAB that says "If you have purchased full version click here" A window will then pop up where you enter your product key code. Pour design. I hope the rest is not this way.
  4. I am familiar with this. I follow those links and still only the trial version. Ive done this now 5 times. Im going a little crazy. lol
  5. Hello, I just purchased Premier X10 online. Unfortunately every time I go to down load, the down load is the trial version. I am so confused. I must be missing something. I follow all the steps that are given after purchase, but the down load is always the trial version. Frustrating.....! Any assistance would be great.
  6. I am very confused. Every time I down load "10 times now" the program it comes up as trial version. This is very frustrating and discerning. I am worried I might have been scammed. Thanks -Ben