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  1. Hello, I am having issues with a dormer on the side of a house. I cannot figure out why the exterior wall is only a partial wall. I am using C.A. 12. Below is the picture of my issue. The plan is also attached. Thank you, Jeff S. Ollis Highlands_Lot6.3.plan
  2. JollyRoger

    Bonus room above garage - knee wall issues

    Thank you so much! That was simple. Running C.A. Premier 12 here. Jeff S. Ollis
  3. Hello Everyone, I am having issues with a bonus room over a garage for some reason on this plan and cannot figure out what is going on. I have placed a room over the garage with a 10 pitch gable roof, but instead of the walls being knee walls they go through the gable roof and create a separate roof over the room instead of being contained under the gable roof. I have attached the plan. Any help on getting the walls to go to knee walls that will not go through the gable roof would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jeff S. Ollis Highlands_Lot6.3.plan
  4. JollyRoger

    Block Crawl Space for Brick

    Hello, I am having some issues figuring out how to get my block crawl space to work with brick. For example, first layer is the footer, followed by 3 rows of 8 inch block, with a row of 4 inch block. This allows for about 3 5/8 inch for the brick to sit on. However, I cannot figure out how to do this with my options. I have no problem with the footer and 8 inch block, but how do I get the last row for 4 inch block with brick? Is there a catalog somewhere to download 4 inch block to allow for brick? Thank you, Jeff S. O.