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  1. Maybe I'm confused. I am trying to subtract one p-line solid from another. Is that what you mean by solids? I've seen it done in CA videos, specifically the one where they make a custom cabinet door. Seems fairly straightforward?? This is what I'm talking about, starts at about minute 4. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/5532/creating-a-custom-cabinet-door.html of course that is X7 but I figured that functionality would still be the same.
  2. Just bumping this. Still not sure why I cannot subtract without getting a hole every time. I feel like I am missing something and that interiors has the capability to do partial subtraction. Thanks
  3. Let us know how it works out. I think I'm going to delay my purchase for a bit so I'd love to hear a review from you.
  4. FYI: I found that the non 4k gigabyte is $1700 after a 200$ mail in rebate. That's less than I can find the GS65 or ASUS for. I don't see the 4k as a big advantage for this work personally. I'm really the only one that looks at my screen, a client would view a PDF version on whatever they have anyways. But it might be worth it if you're sitting down with them regularly. I guess whoever gets one of these first will have to repost with a real world review. I only use interiors though.
  5. Some really good testing done by notebookcheck.net if you haven't already been there. Obviously they don't test CA but their testing is pretty extensive and also up to date on the type of laptop you are considering. I'm also looking to at basically the same things you are, trying to take advantage of the current sales and pull the trigger soon. Here is a link to a comparison article: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Notebookcheck-s-Top-10-Slim-Light-Gaming-Laptops.126456.0.html Im currently leaning toward the 1070 version of the GS65, mostly due to cost over the Aero15. Mike
  6. yeah, there is a convert to solid option if I just draw a shape, or I can just draw the solid from the start. Thanks mark, I'll look into that.
  7. Hey guys, I am trying to subtract one polyline solid from another but I cannot get it to work correctly. I set one object partially inside another but it always cuts completely through the other object and makes a hole when Im trying to make a recess. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or if this is another Interiors limitation. I select the larger object, select the subtraction icon, and then click on the smaller object to be subtracted. I then choose delete original and it gives me a hole. I've tried it upside-down and backwards and I can't figure out whats wrong. The point was to see what it was like to make custom doors using this method. I feel like Sketchup would be easier but I don't have the pro version so I don't think I can make any smart doors until we buy that or use something else. Thanks for the help! Mike
  8. huh, thanks! Seems odd that they would leave that functionality out of interiors. I would think interiors users would need that as much as any one? I used dimensions but got stuck on trying to figure this to for awhile until I went out and got stuck in traffic. not sure which one was more fun. Thanks again for taking the time to help.
  9. yup, thats what I'm doing. I was trying to concentrically shrink a poly line solid and enter coordinates while doing it when I realized I couldn't. With walls I can go back and adjust things but Im not sure how to enter coordinates after if I can't tab in while performing the operation.
  10. I've tried left mouse, right mouse, hold button with tab, release button with tab, in a different job...Im stuck. also, I'm using OS X with a regular old dell keyboard
  11. When I drag a line, or wall, or resize a shape and hit the tab key it does nothing. I though it should open a edit window so I can specify values manually? I've seen this in videos and am wondering if I have a setting off somewhere. The tab key does allow me to cycle through coincident objects in a job though. Is this a hotkey setting? Thanks, Mike
  12. Nice!! I was focused on finding a setting and not a layer. Thanks again mark!
  13. The three base cabinets in this pic are separate but when placed next to each other the line representing the edge is not displayed so it looks like one big face frame. Is this a setting somewhere? I'd like to show these as separate cabinets in the elevation view. I think it should look like it does where the wall cabinet meets the tall cabinet. Obviously it look that way because they are different depths. Thanks for any help! Mike
  14. Thats the same technique I'm using now as that symbol is the universal standard I believe. Thanks for the reply!
  15. When viewing kitchen cabinet elevations in either vector view or technical illustration the glass cabinet doors are opaque and I cannot figure out how to change it or if its actually possible. I'd like to either represent the glass or be able to see the shelves to make it apparent that the panels are glass. please ignore any technical mistakes or issues in these shots, this is just a test plan I've been using to learn the program and some things are not accurate or complete. Thanks! Mike
  16. Thanks for the help everyone! I learned something new from each reply that I've already applied and am truly grateful for all your help. I'll make a note about annotation sets and explore that in the future, sounds helpful for sure.
  17. If I layout a crown molding polyline from the plan view, is there an easy way to select it and edit it? It is basically invisible and I can never seem to select it, the cursor just picks up the cabinets and other larger objects. I can get to it if I turn off major layers but was wondering if there is an easier way to maybe grab it from list of symbols in the current job? Or a way to see every symbol underneath the cursor and then pick the one you want to select? This really applies to all symbols that are stacked vertically but moldings seem to be the hardest to select. Thanks! Mike
  18. I have now! haha thanks! I didn't even realize that was in there. I knew it was going to be something simple I just didn't know about yet. Thanks for your help and time! Mike
  19. Hey guys! Im sure this is easier than I think but being new I'm still wandering around a little lost. Id like to show my kitchen elevations without all the wall and floor structure but still show windows and doors that are placed on those walls. I found that turning off the walls normal layer removes everything including windows. I noticed in a video the look I was after so I figured it must be an option. I have attached a screenshot from that video showing the elevation with window intact and no wall structure and one showing what I'm seeing on my side now. I thought maybe I could lock the window layer but that didn't help. It looks to me from that first screenshot that the wall is still there but all the surrounding structure is hidden? Thanks!
  20. Mark, Thanks again for all your time responding! I went back in and made my own part, saved it, and added it to a fresh cabinet so that I could go through the process start to finish. Things worked better this time and I gained a better understanding about how each of those fields effects the symbol once placed inside the cabinet. I'm thinking the ability to create a "part" instead of creating a door panel for everything would be better, maybe less confusing? I'm more used to building the cabinet with accurate parts instead of fudging things to make them look right, but I'm getting it...slowly. ha! I made a z-axis change before your last post but it was always off by about a 32nd or so, I dropped the part 4 inches but it wasn't right on for some reason. Thats why I was asking questions about that. Making my own part and importing it fresh seemed to have solved that issue for whatever reason so I'm good to go now, thanks. Your points about an option for it and the schedule are valid. I still think they could make that enhancement and have an accurate schedule produced, but I get it. The possibility of one change causing other problems should not stop forward process though, innovation is always needed to stay relevant in this world, IMO. Your comments certainly made me think though and I would definitely take a poll here before I requested any changes as I respect your opinion and that of all the other users here as well. Like you said, once I build these cabinets into my library, this won't even be an issue any more. More playing around and then I'll be back with more questions I'm sure. Thanks again, you've been a huge help thus far!! Mike
  21. Mark, Using your example I have figured out how to add the side extension to the side of the cabinet successfully. However, when I add it it sits off the floor about the height of the toe kick even though I seem to have all the settings set to the same as you. Also, changing the height of the symbol works opposite as you would think. So if I try and make it longer it gets shorter and vice versa. I'll try and build my own panel so I can try and better understand how this is working, but if you have any ideas please let me know. Is there a place to make suggestions for software improvements? Extending a cabinet die should be an option under properties in my opinion, this work around is a bit overly complicated. At least I'm learning something though. Thanks
  22. Thanks again Mark! You've been really helpful thus far. I'm sure you'll see more newbie questions from me coming soon.
  23. Thanks for the help mark! I'll get into it and see what I can learn from your plan. I just watched some videos on creating custom symbols from poly lines, seems like that is the way to go for unique hoods and such.
  24. Hey guys I'm a new Chief Interiors user so please pardon me if this info can easily be found somewhere else, I'm just starting to learn where to find info and how best to learn the software. I couldn't find my answer in the reference manual but please feel free to point me in the right direction if Im missing something. Im trying to figure out how to extend one side of a cabinet if the cabinet is pulled off the wall instead of sitting up against it. Also, is there a way to build a custom cabinet from scratch or manipulate cabinet components beyond what is available in the object specifications, if so is there training for that somewhere? I was a cabinet vision user in another life and I know I could code each piece of the cabinet manually in that software, not sure if this software goes that far. Thanks, Mike Using Interiors X10