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  1. awesome! That seems like it might be more of a proper way to do it. Thanks a lot to both of you, really helpful.
  2. Eric, Thanks for the reply. I did that, but I also had to divide the room on the second floor and uncheck the "floor under this room" option. now half of the room is open all the way up. I think this accomplish what I need. Thanks again for the quick and helpful reply!! Mike
  3. Hi all, I'm an interiors only guy and don't really do much with the structure of the building so this is new to me. I'm trying to figure out if there is any easy way to make a basic rectangle 2 story structure with half the interior open all the way to the roof. I can't seem to find video that does what I need. Seems like it might be easy, I just don't know where to start. I tried using a hole but that left gaps in the walls. Could some one point me in the right direction to learn this? Thanks! Mike
  4. Thanks for that video Eric. Maybe it has something do with interiors? I can use the align wall feature without issue but unfortunately no snapping to those refence wall lines for me. My snapping works as normal for everything else though.
  5. Eric, I tried the point to point tool but still could not select or snap to the refence layer. Maybe a setting I'm missing?
  6. good idea Val. Only problem is I'm using interiors and I don't have access to gutters that I can see. That building looks very similar to what I am trying to achieve structurally though so I may have more questions for you as I move along. Thanks for the input.
  7. Thanks for the help! Makes sense about the roof. I guess I didn't try the point to point tool, I'll give that one a shot.
  8. So, I am an interiors user and understand that I may not have the functionally needed for this, but I am trying to help someone out and learn at the same time. My issues are: -I added a second floor to this plan but they don't seem to interact well with the flat parapet roof I have drawn and I don't know how to fix it, big gap shown between. -I also don't know how to accurately move one floor relative to another, I turn on the reference floor but cannot select that layer to measure from, is that possible? I'm not an architect or builder, I normally draft interior cabinetry so my knowledge of how something like this would be built in real life is limited, so please pardon me if I'm going about this all wrong. I have attached the X12 interiors plan for anyone that might have a minute to take a look and give me some advice. Thanks a lot and I hope you are all doing well. Mike 7 Butler Ave REV-0 (07FEB20).plan
  9. Michael, Thanks for that contribution, I did not think of that at all but will definitely try that out. Always good to have a faster solution at hand. Mike...Thanks! Mark, I Think you might have to change your name to mike to be in this post...HAHA!
  10. Thanks! Luckily I found a decent image of some walnut grain. Yeah, I don't model things in chief. Only because I never really dedicated any time to learning how to get good and fast at it. I'm pretty comfortable with sketchup and it just seems much more intuitive for that kind of stuff so I just do it there. But really I should learn that skill at some point.
  11. Placed in the job and added some hardware. Better not be any changes to this cabinet! haha!
  12. so basically I ended up kind of making it the second way but I built the panel in sketchup and then painted it with walnut in chief.. It didn't take too long but only worth it on a small job like this which is basically two cabinets side by side. I was hoping there might be an easier way that I couldn't think of. Thanks for your thoughts Mark
  13. Is there a reasonable way to make all the doors and drawers on a cabinet look like they were cut from one sheet of veneered plywood? example attached. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the help with this, I definitely learned something today. Here is my progress so far. I was thinking a molding would work well to cover the top of the exposed walls, seems like there is no actual option to deal with that.
  15. also, thanks for the term "parapet", that got me to a video that should be really helpful.
  16. Thanks, I did end up with that same look you've got there once but thought I must be missing something. I'll try messing with the walls once I get that look again. I noticed trying to remove the overhang was really making things messed up. For now I modified the exposed ceiling black like you said.
  17. Ah! That seems to achieve the effect for sure. Is this type of roof difficult to build using the actual roof tools? I'm just curious if it would be an easy few clicks in premier vs not really possible in interiors? Or just the same difficulty in both versions? I know interiors is missing a whole tab of roof structure options so. Just curious for the future. Thanks for the quick reply Eric!
  18. First, I'm using interiors so I realize there are probably some limitations here that I cannot overcome. Second, I only really do interior work and don't really know much about actual roof structures so pardon my ignorance as I learn. I'm hoping you guys can help me learn how to make this roof structure look correct, I've tried a bunch of things but I cant seem to get it. I'm trying to show a flat roof over both floors. A modern looking rubber roof that has no overhang, maybe even has the siding go all the way to the top, maybe some kind of flashing showing just around the top. I've run through the flat roof tutorials but I end up with all kinds of problems when I try and eliminate the overhang and try to get the first floor roof to meet up with the second floor correctly. I have attached some pictures of what styles I'm trying to achieve and the plan itself from x11. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Mike Flat Roof Project.plan
  19. Thanks Kevin! Looking forward to playing with that one as well.
  20. Thanks guys for the additional thoughts and contributions. I'll check those out as well and play around with them, always good to have several different options for the same species.
  21. that wilsonart one looks leaps and bounds better than what I've got going on. I don't think I've tried that one for some reason. Thank you very much for the help!
  22. I have the need to make an entire walnut kitchen and Im having a hard time getting a walnut texture to not look terrible. Anyone have a good texture / technique for making it look at least decent? Thanks! Mike
  23. I searched for this as I figured it had to be out there somewhere but I guess I'm not that good at searching. Thanks for taking the time to share that link, I think that has answered all my questions. Now I'll just have to experiment with a method that works best for me.
  24. yeah I see that those cameras are built to show different things, I was hoping I could edit them a bit more. So I guess the other way would be to combine those wall into one, is that possible? or to have it generated as one wall one from the start?