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  1. Thanks, let me search for it and see if I can find it.
  2. I have made a few attempts and have so far been unsuccessful. I have also not found any other useful answers in the forums on this. I have only found how to curve the roof plane. I would like to know how to go about creating a roof with a curved baseline. I have attached a reference photo of what I am attempting to draw. It is the curved section of roof just below the level 2 porch railing. This is the first time I have run into a curved roof and turret. Very uncommon where I live. Thanks!
  3. Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone's responses, they were all helpful. Definitely, a very friendly and helpful forum and I really appreciate that. From what I can tell CA has great support on its forum (Chief Talk). I do also like all the helpful how-to videos on the website which a lot of other software does not have especially in terms of volume and quality otherwise I spend lots of time on YouTube trying to find good videos which is not always successful. I'll have a look at Para-CAD and Solidbuilder to see if its something that I could use. Thanks, Kelly for the motivation! I've been using CA for just a little more than a week and you couldn't be more right. And I wish I could draw like your 12-year-old grandson! Maybe in a couple weeks
  4. Hey, no worries I just didn't explain things the right way. I don't expect the software to do the work for me and I do expect to spend a significant amount of time learning how to use it for my needs. Here is a better way to put the question... (let's say I have become an expert with the software) Does Chief Architect have the capabilities to produce these types of documents or will I have significant shortfalls with the software for the purposes I will be using it as described above? When you say "shortcomings" can you describe some of these?
  5. I just started learning how to draw construction plans for residential homes and accessory structures a couple months ago. I was in the residential construction industry for 10 years and have had to make a change to a job I can primarily do from home due to medical reasons. I have tried a few different types of software so far and (Revit LT, AutoCAD, CA X10) I am kind of stuck trying to decide which one I am going to purchase. My current thoughts on each software so far are that AutoCAD is too old school and slow for me, even though I know the software fairly well. I am also doing only new builds and not working with documents that were already generated in AutoCAD so there is no need there. I also spent about a month trying Revit LT, which once I got over some serious learning curves I was beginning to see the huge potential and time savings of the software, but I feel the learning curve is fairly difficult for someone that is learning on their own. Then I tried CA and was able to be up and running with the software much faster, it's more intuitive and easier to use. I am having a difficult time deciding which software best suits a draftsman (that works alone) that produces residential and light commercial construction plans. In short, I need a software tool that is going to produce accurate construction plans for review by a city or county in order to get approval for building permits. 3D renderings are also a factor for me as well since I sometimes I will be working directly with clients and not through and builder. I am sure there are a few on here that have used both types of software on here and may be able to give some insight into what may suit me best for my needs.