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  1. Thank you very much. I didnt think of doing it that way
  2. Almost. If you see the doorway to the left? (I circled it in this attached pic). The whole width of that door way is supposed to be a landing at the lower height. The ramp will start at the end of the doorway and go up from there. Thank you
  3. Sorry it was in my profile. I just did my signature.
  4. I am using x10 (I just adjusted my profile). Here it is attached. Thank you very much door missing.plan
  5. Thank you. Ill adjust my signature shortly. The problem with doing it as a separate room is that the way the rooms overlay and the windows. See the attached picture. The Area in green is one high, the areas in orange are 8" lower. The red area is in the green area (the higher hight), but it that is where the ramp it. It goes down for a bit and then there is a landing that is equal to the lo wer level. As you can see there is a window along the ramp so I am not sure how to have it separate as a separate room. Thank you
  6. I went through the dialog box, which option is it? Is it the base height? Thank you
  7. When I export my plan to a stl, I get this weird triangular structure in one of the rooms. Any suggestions? See attached Thank you aaa.stl
  8. I have a building that I am fixing up. One part of the building is 8" lower then the rest. So I solved that by making a separate room. But I am trying to make a ramp connecting the two. The ramp will be on the higher side and I will need to cut the slab. How do I set that chief architect. I cant see to get it to go into the floor. Thank you 1 Princetn _8 (3)2.pdf