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  1. Oh, thanks, Gene!! Those are great tips!!
  2. Thank you so much, Scott! Your detailed answers are great!! I really appreciate that you took the time from your busy day to answer my questions!
  3. @solver Oh, gosh, Eric... you kinda put the pressure on. But, I gave it a good think (this isn't all I've done for the last two hours, for the record, so I don't think I'm guilty of overthinking... maybe under-thinking). My homework/answers are attached (see my reply to Gene about my shameful lack of "posting" skills) I made slabs for the material samples, and I painted them with various materials (ignore the moulding schedule and rendering at the top of the page... I didn't want to delete them from my layout, and it just happened to be the random page I sent these images to). The slabs are in my plan view, but "outside" the house. (I didn't bother attaching my plan... I hope that's okay) I copied the vanity from my house and pasted it "outside," as well. I made sure to uncheck "include in schedule" for everything in the vanity. Outside, again in no-man's land, is where I drew my invisible wall for the doors and window. It's obvious that my doors and window don't look like the Austin layout. Mine is a vector view. I tinkered a little, but I didn't see how to make them look like crisp, black and white lines, like the Austin layout. @GeneDavis I am no good in threads, and I don't even know how to "post" a pdf, as opposed to attaching it! How embarrassing! I'm sorry! @TeaTime Thank you for all the ideas! @DBCooper Thank you so much for the link! I will definitely watch! TestPage.pdf
  4. I am trying to create a layout, and I'd like to incorporate some nice-looking features from the austin.pdf offered by Chief Architect. I'm attaching two different pages from this layout. I've watched videos, but I've never seen how these particular items are created. Yes, this topic has more than one question, but it's all related to one PDF, so I'm hoping that gives me a pass... 1. On page 18 of the austin.pdf, there is the door and window schedule. Along the bottom, there is an enlarged image of a window and some of the doors. How do I "grab" these images of the windows and doors and send them to the layout? Or, where do I get these images? I don't know where the stand-alone image of these objects exist. 2. On page 21 of the austin.pdf, there are several material samples shown below the bathroom rendering. They are shown as "blocks" (but very cool-looking, diagonal, with-dimension, kind of blocks). How in the world do I make these? Maybe this question will answer itself, but would I be able to do this with materials that I import? That would make my day. 3. Also on page 21, you see the vanity as a stand alone image. What is the best way to send an image like this to the layout? Should I create a new CAD Detail for only the item I want to capture? Or is there a more efficient way? Thanks for any feedback you can give! austin-p18.pdf austin-p21.pdf
  5. Ahhhh, I see. I do get too rushed when I ask a question. I see how I could have provided much better detail on this one! Thank you!!
  6. Wow! Thank you! All three replies offered insight that is going to be helpful! I greatly appreciate it! @DBCooperI am so green on using the forum, I'm not sure what you mean by adding a +1. I did read that string, and it was VERY helpful, too! @DavidJPotter I can't thank you enough for the video! It was entertaining AND gave me a perspective I hadn't thought of. @Kbird1 Yes! That is the five-sided cabinet I was trying to achieve! Thank you for showing me the end result - it makes me question if I really want to do that! Haha! Thanks a bunch to all! - Wendy
  7. Is it crazy to ask if a five-sided cabinet is possible? I'm attaching an image of a floor plan with my conundrum corner circled. Am I supposed to use an angled cabinet instead...? I know that I will have my cabinet maker build a five-sided cabinet, so I would like to put that in the plan. Thoughts, ideas, criticism... always welcome. AllenDave-KitchenPlan.plan
  8. Thank you SO much for the polyline solid video, Eric!! Every tidbit is super helpful!
  9. Thank you, Kbird1! I'm going to tweak my template now! Very useful, DBCooper - I really appreciate that you took the time to notice these details so I can correct them!
  10. Oh!! Thank you!! Total lifesaver!! And I really appreciate the lighting tip!
  11. Ahhhh, thank you! The plan was closed, but the layout was open. I've got my question submitted now!
  12. I have added a soffit to a space in my plan where the ceiling is vaulted. I have selected "Place Under Ceiling," but the soffit does not follow the ceiling line. I have done this in many other plans, so I don't know what I'm overlooking. AllenDave-KitchenPlan.plan
  13. Does anyone know why I would be getting the following message when I'm trying to attach my plan to a question I need to submit? The file size is only 6 MB. "Sorry an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. Server error: -200"
  14. I can't get the two rear gables to separate, let alone make a third gable. I'm sure my expectations are outside the logic of architecture. I'm just going with the attached plan and calling it good!! Thank you so much for all your help! I couldn't have gotten this far without all the input!! Plan01-RoofAndInterior.plan
  15. 1, 2, 3 - Yes! The taller gable between the garage and gable 1 is not necessary.
  16. Thank you, Eric, so much for the video. Very helpful and insightful, as always. I tried with all my might to semi-replicate your design, but I'm failing. I'm sure the attached plan will make you want to bang your head against a brick wall, but I really think I'm close (and I did add some windows, doors, and interior walls). Here's what's not working and what I would like to work (very sorry for bombarding with so many questions!)... 1. Changing the pitch of the roofs that run perpendicular to the garage to 7" did not get me close to the ridge of the garage. Why does a 7" pitch work on your plan, but I have to lower it to nearly 5-1/2" or less on my plan to get the roofs to meet at the the same height? 2. Obviously, the rear of the house is in terrible shape. I want to keep the "double gable" look like you have on the two walls to the right of the rear perspective. However, I'd like another gable centered over the exterior wall of the Great Room. Ideally, I'd like to have windows that match the roof line, and make it a "grander" view in general. As you can see, when I make that portion a gable, it "marries up" to the two right gables, losing the look completely. - I do hope to have some kind of vaulted ceiling in the great room. Ideally, something that matches the roof line of the gable I want to add. But, is this even possible, given the gable roof that's running the opposite direction? I'm just not sure what my ceiling plane options will be in here. I would hate for it to be a flat ceiling, and a tray ceiling would still prevent me from having those tall windows. 3. I don't know how to do the shed roof that you have in your plan. My shed roofs have always been manually drawn. I tried selecting the wall and choosing "High Shed/Gable" but that was clearly not the right move. 4. I'm mentioning the obvious, but, as we can see in the roof "holes," there are walls extending into the attic that I don't think should be there. Will this be fixed when the roofs are fixed, or do I need to do something about the rogue walls? 5. I'm probably mentioning this far too late, but is this supposed to be two-stories (or, at the least, one and a half) if I want to add dormers? Yikes! Thank you to all for your feedback and help! Plan01-RoofAndInterior.plan
  17. I don't even know if the changes I want to make to my roof are logical, so criticism is welcomed and, I know, will come freely. I have several walls within this plan that I want to have a gable roof, but auto-roof does not create the right "size" gable. Or, it creates holes and chaos with the roof. I'm attaching the plan and pictures with notes that explain my problems better. Thank you in advance for your help. Wendy Plan01-NoInterior.plan
  18. I feel pretty stupid for asking this, because I would think this is something obvious. I have Googled and watched videos, but I can't find the solution I need. I want my layout to be legal-size (8.5"H x 14"W). This is the largest size most of my clients can print, so I must accommodate. When I create a new layout, I select File/Print/Drawing Sheet Setup. I change the size to legal. I'm attaching a screenshot of what I get (let me know if I should attach the file). The pertinent, preset lines and fields do not adjust to the new page size. Am I daydreaming to think that this is possible?
  19. Really good feedback, Glenn - it gives me great food for thought. In my design/remodeling company, we do not touch roofs - ever (thank goodness, right?!). We're strictly kitchens and baths. This house is definitely outside of my set of skills, but I love the idea of knowing how. The perimeter lines of the house were determined by the future homeowners, before I came along. I'm not really sure why they mentally committed to these dimensions. I should have opened my mind to smarter dimensions that would fit a logical floor plan and roof design. I know they want to keep it as rectangular as possible for cost purposes. I absolutely agree about the right gable. It is awkward. Previously, there was no front-facing gable here. Instead, the shed roof that is currently over the dining area extended over the closet and back bedroom as well, and the gable faced the side of the house (keeping this gable closer in width to the opposite side of the house, if that makes sense). I'm very grateful for your feedback and help!
  20. That's so nice of you, Glenn! All of you have been incredibly helpful. Yes, the ceiling height throughout the entire plan should be 9-ft. Attaching this file is like airing my dirty diary, but here goes... The attached file is pretty close to "handing over" to my friends because I can take pictures and it "looks" pretty, but I know there's a slew of problems - well beyond roofs (when I say "hand over" I simply mean renderings, not the file itself). In this file, I have not yet implemented the advice of Solver's video above. The auto-roof feature created these dashed lines that indicated everywhere the roof "creeped" into the interior of the house. I was willing to turn a blind eye to this, given my time frame and non-paying friends. But, when I implemented the vaulted ceiling in the center of the house, adjusting the roofs manually became necessary (or so I thought). I mainly tweaked a little and then used the "join roof planes" tool. I don't have the back porch on this plan yet (sorry... I'm running behind). I feel like I'm just sharing a mess. Yikes! LenhartPlan2022-ScaledDown.zip
  21. Oh... my... word! These videos are so helpful! Yes - it makes sense, and I absolutely DO want to learn the correct way, not the "work-around." I really thought I was being so smart when I defined my new wall, but your framing secret is extremely insightful. I know! My roof is still a mess. I did do SO well with the auto-roof builder, like you showed me in your video. But that dang shed roof crept in. And the middle, front-facing gable is so terribly placed. Ultimately, I made my final tweaks manually. It came back to bite me, and I wanted to bang my head against the concrete walls of this house. I'm too embarrassed to post repeated questions, so I just winged it. But, you're really helping me learn the ins and outs! Don't give up on me! Thanks so much!!
  22. Okay... I apologize... I really envisioned that incorrectly! Rather, I would like the rock bottom to meet the ground around the entire perimeter, like it does around the garage. Sorry for my confusion!
  23. In my plan, the body of the house is constructed of 12" concrete walls. However, the garage is framed. As you can see in the image, the rock bottom of the walls stops at the foundation on the body of the house. But, the rocks extend farther down on the garage. Is there a way to keep the bottom line of the rocks consistent around the entire house? Since I am placing a deck under the front, middle gable, I'd like to keep the bottom rock line offset from the ground, like it is on the main body of the house. Meaning, I'd like to "bring up" the bottom line of the rocks around the garage. LenhartPlan2022-InProgress.plan LenhartPlan2022-InProgress.plan