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  1. AJ_Wrangler

    Clear Story Wall

    having a difficult time getting the clear story wall done. tried quite a few different ideas but none really worked well. i drew in an attic wall but when i try to extend it forward it screws up the walls below. Anyone know how to do it correctly? i have uploaded a few pics of the area and my plan file. thanks andy LL V5 floor framed v2.plan
  2. AJ_Wrangler

    Can't divide rooms

    thanks for your help. looks like kbird found a fault with furring walls?? i will get after it today.
  3. AJ_Wrangler

    Can't divide rooms

    awesome.. thanks so much
  4. AJ_Wrangler

    Can't divide rooms

    i am still trying to figure it out.. it may have to do with how i designed the crawl space.. something is not quite right.
  5. AJ_Wrangler

    Can't divide rooms

    thanks solver.. i checked all wall connections. i ran the auto fix walls from build - walls menu. i even tried to draw a simple box with exterior walls and a simple interior divider but i can't even select it to define. it only lets me select the entire floor i tried deleting every floor but the top (very simple layout) but still no go. laurel v3 revised topos.plan
  6. AJ_Wrangler

    Can't divide rooms

    Michael - thanks for your reply. that is not it.. already checked that..
  7. AJ_Wrangler

    Can't divide rooms

    i have a few different rooms laid out on a floor plan. when i select the rooms it won't let me select the individual room, it selects the whole floor. not sure what i did. any help?? all walls are connected. this is my 7th home design just have not had this issue. thanks Andy V10
  8. Trying to lower basement wall of a small alcove to allow for a bilco door. I can't figure out how to reduce the wall height while keeping finished floor the same. I want the small section of wall to be two courses of block less. I am currently in the room controls trying to adjust structure settings but can't seem to find the correct combo.