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  1. Hello! I want to send a camera view to a layout, and then rotate it. We work on 11x17 paper, but the side elevations don't fit on the portrait orientation page. We are exploring issues around rotating the layout page instead, (see my other question) but this would be much easier. Any tips? Thanks! elicia (Chief X9)
  2. Hi! I use Chief for a semi-production home builder. We have stock plans that are customized. I want to be able to draw my plans with the front door side down, but when you send the layout box linked to a camera view to the layout page, you cannot rotate it. So, I have to rotate my plan layout pages to fit the side view on our 11x17 paper. Rotating the title block and the layout-box itself is fine, but the dimensions text rotates incorrectly. All our text boxes face right or down. When I rotate the plan-layout-box to the right, the text stays facing right, (now up) but the dimensions turn so they are now facing left / down. When I rotate the plan-layout-box to the left, the text stays the way it should still, but now the up-down dimensions rotate to the right/up. I have tried all alternatives around the "rotate with plan" checkbox in the dimension defaults. Can anyone help me keep the dimensions the way they are on the plans? Thanks! Elicia (chief X9)