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  1. For those of you still searching for a solution, I would like to share a workaround that I have discovered. It's not ideal, but saves me from having the completely close CA and reopen the plan. This workaround is only for those that have multiple monitors. If your cursor disappears on the working screen, but is still visible around the upper toolbars, click and drag the working screen/tab to another monitor. Now, your cursor may reappear and you can close the window that is frozen, on the original monitor. Hope this helps. As a quick update to this thread, I also went through an entire troubleshooting process directly with Nvidia. Nothing changed and the issue persists.
  2. Checking in on this to see if anyone has any recommendations or potential solutions? Thank you for the help so far.
  3. I turned infinite scroll off, no change. I doubled checked I had the latest Logitech Mouse software. I turned off my mouse and restarted the computer. Using a different basic mouse and the laptop touchpad the issue is still there. I've even tried to open different plans and the issue is present on any plan file. It is strange because everything is fine until I open, then close a camera.
  4. Yes, I have a physical toggle button for mouse wheel. I turned infinite scroll off and on in different instances and the issue persists. I also tried hitting esc several times and different buttons on my mouse, just to see and the issue is still the same.
  5. This is a fresh install of windows, brand new computer, no additional programs installed. I don't know what 'zoomit' is, so don't have anything as such that I know of. I do have a Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse and I may have downloaded the associated software/drivers. Could this be something to do with my issue? I've tried the trackpad on the laptop and still have the same issue. I have manually uninstalled and reinstalled CA and the graphics drivers with the latest versions from the manufactures' website.
  6. Hello, I could really use some help here. My cursor keeps disappearing when using the program on my PC. When first opening a file, everything is fine, until I use the camera or 3D. Once the camera is open it must remain open, if I close the camera my cursor disappears and I'm unable to select anything. I then have to close the program and relaunch to fix it. The issue is recurring and extremely inconvenient. I've read many posts about users having the same issues and almost all of them were resolved with updating the graphics driver. I have installed the most up-to-date graphics driver and the issue still persists. Now I'm at a loss as how to resolve this. This began happening with an older computer that had outdated hardware. I thought my older computer was the issue, so I've since upgraded my computer to one that exceeds the recommended specs. Unfortunately, even with the new computer I'm having the same issue. Any ideas? I'm using X11. When I was using X10 I never had this issue.