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  1. I know this is an old post but I just noticed it. We are located in Lees Summit
  2. We have provided our services with time and travel in the past. It is not usually the least expensive option but if there is not someone local it is an option.
  3. High Point Custom Homes, Designs Beyond Expectations 816-799-1063 www.hpcustomhomes.com All plans are created in Chief Architect, complete ARCH D ( 24" x 36" ) sets including all floorplans, foundation, elevations, schedules, details and sections. As a bonus all High Point custom plans include the standard revision that often happens when the permit is submitted, if the city needs a change we do not charge! Over 20 years experience as a designer, builder and developer. Please see our website for additional details. www.hpcustomhomes.com New PlansRevisions to current plansRemodel plansConcept plans3D renderingRush service availableHome Owners, Builders, Developers
  4. I can provide the drawings you need quickly since I have an opening due to a project delay. www.hpcustomhomes.com