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  1. Hi Eric Worked great! Thank you Dave
  2. Looking for information on how to remove deck railings and newel posts from part of deck?
  3. Chief 3D download worked!! Thank you Eric, you're the best. That catalog is supported for X5 on.
  4. Yes, I looked for both in my core library.
  5. I'm having trouble finding a cellar bulkhead in X6. Any ideas?
  6. Mick your fix worked!! The link with the repair option did the trick. I also turned on Signature and started adding detail as you suggested. Thank you to all who offered help, your the best.
  7. Thank you for your help! Your advice led me to an error message "The Library Import has completed successfully None of the items from the import libraries could be read by this version" I'm thinking, maybe reload the original software?
  8. I'm using X6 and cannot see my library content. I've already looked for updates and am current. Also checked Core content, up to date. The library button opens the window but the box is just blank white with just the 6 radio buttons at the bottom. Chief says they don't offer support that far back. I upgraded about 5yrs ago to X6, but never used this software for a project until now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.