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  1. Man Graham...I don't know what made you think to lift that wall off the floor. Worked like a charm. That's crazy. Not sure what the procedure is to report as I am about as rookie as they come...but....that is definitely something I know I can figure out. Can't thank all of you enough. I spent the day watching my son play basketball while you guys were working this out. Humbling. Anyway...thank you again. I really appreciate it. Have a great rest of your weekend(s), Paul
  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You guys are Awesome! Just got home from a day of travel and HS basketball. My phone was blowing up with your posts and I was excited to get home and read through 'em all. I'm going to be able to work on it here in a little while but just couldn't wait to jump on and thank you guys for all the input. I feel like you should all be sending me invoices. I really appreciate the time you've put in looking at this. I'll let you know how it goes implementing all the suggestions. Thanks again...talk soon, Paul
  3. Success!! The zipped file is only 17MB. Little background; I am just a rookie developer doing the tenant infill prints for a commercial structure I'm building. My wife's business is the main tenant and, as you'll see in certain plan views, there is an extra 1500sf for another tenant. I used Chief to build my house 9 years ago and took the leap into a commercial venture. The verdict is still out on whether it was a good decision. I have an architect and subsequent engineers doing the shell, foundation, roof trusses, civil, etc. I am only compiling prints for the interior walls, ceilin
  4. Righton...Thanks Kbird1. Yep, tried...it's still at 25MB. I will get to work on zipping soon. Dang, didn't have this in the schedule today. Thanks for the help. I'll let you guys know how it goes. I appreciate it. Paul
  5. Hi, Thanks. Not sure how any .plan file of any substance could be smaller than 25MB. Mine isn't complete and it's 49.9MB. Any suggestions on how to make smaller for this purpose? Thanks again, Paul
  6. Hi Mick, Thank you for the quick response. The snip shows the wall I need to create a wall elevation from. As you can see, the glass wall/door from the reception area and the doors from the opposite hallway are seen. There are actually walls and cabinets in the way as you can see in EWP Cam FP. I have made sure the camera's are set up right and saved, restarted, gone through layer properties, etc....I can't figure out how four cameras pointing in four directions could completely ignore walls and room content that's visible in cameras looking from within those rooms looking out. Camera's
  7. Hi, So in this office I have a hallway around a series of three rooms. When I choose wall elevation cameras from the inside of the rooms it works fine. If I choose 'Wall Elevation' cameras from outside these three rooms.....all three rooms and their contents are gone. The camera looks to whatever is outside these rooms. BUT, if I use 'Wall Elevation' camera from inside the rooms...all is fine. I'm baffled. It does not happen in any other cameras. I've played with wall and content layers to no avail. If you happen to look at the file. The rooms labeled Imaging, Lab, and Ste
  8. I absolutely did not give anyone a 'negative vote'. Must have been someone else.
  9. Very helpful Dermot. Thank you for the help...I really appreciate it.
  10. I think I have it figured out. I was getting Layer Sets and Plan View sets confused. My Plan View Sets were hidden on my tool bar. Sorry for wasting your time in my haste and confusion.
  11. So I read this: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00939/understanding-the-layout-layer-set-relationship.html?utm_source=Chief+Architect+Premier+20+OSX&utm_medium=software&utm_campaign=Resource%3A+faq&utm_content=Error+ID%3A+272000011 I 'duplicated' my 'Working Layer Set' and called it 'Working Basement Set'. From that set I sent it to layout Page 3. I then went to my plan, toggled to the main level, and selected 'Working Layer Set'. I then sent that main level view to Page 1. It did the same thing by duplicating page 1 to page 3. Sorry aga
  12. Obviously this is operator error. I was just hoping to get pointed in the right direction. I don't even know what to search for in the 'knowledge base'. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to be a pain. Thanks for the attention though.
  13. Hi, I am just starting the process of sending my plans to layout pages. I've started a New Layout and have it saved in the same directory as my plan. I've created a basic title block on page '0'. I then click to Page 1. Toggle to my floor plan and click File/Send to Layout. That image appears on page 1. I then click to Page 2 of my layout and toggle back to my floor plan. I go down a floor to the basement and repeat the process...File/Send to Layout. When I toggle to my layout...my basement floor plan is on both Page 2 AND Page 1. Both are from 'Working Layer Set'. I cannot figure out
  14. Hi, Thanks for looking at it. Yeah...It's a mess technically. I received the survey .dwg today and I definitely need to clean it up a little. My learning curve with Chief is a bit high in a few areas. Only other project I've done with Chief was my home 10 yrs ago. I am doing a lot of leg work up front and an actual architect is compiling my files into a workable file to submit to the city. You will see an invisible wall (horizontal dashed lines) that runs through the Office then meets with a hallway wall, and continues to demising wall between tenants. The Tennant Area,
  15. Hi, So I put some details of my hardware in the signature. Forgot a name though...It's Paul. I'll do that now. I also have attached a plan file to this post. Basically an office building that has a partial basement. To assure a solid floor seam (or close as I can with CC butting up to lumber). It seems like a pretty basic detail...I just can't figure out how to spec CA to achieve it. Thank you for help. Paul SW_Villa_West_19a.plan