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  1. Thanks to all who replied! More helpful information than I thought I would receive! Awsome!
  2. I'm getting ready to upgrade my version of Chief. I've noticed some recent versions various users are selling for significantly less than what I would have to pay for the a new/latest version of Chief. Does anyone have an opinion they would like to share as to what version of Chief would be "sufficient" to do good quality work/renderings? Just trying to get a feel as to whether to just go-ahead and buy the latest-greatest, or save some money and invest the difference in training videos. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for great advice, special thanks to Doug and Basketballman.
  4. Chief community- I'm up against a wall. I have plan almost complete. Confusion over layout/anno./layout page has me messed up. I can pay via pay pal or venmo for help. If anyone is available please email/call or text- 858. 260.8403 Thanks!!
  5. I'm considering getting more serious about mastering CA. Up until now I pick up a few drafting/design projects, hack my way through, and make a little $. I KNOW if I improve my CA skills I can do much better in terms of income- because creating professional drawings with Chief is so fast. How many of you guy's/gal's are making your living with CA? In your opinion, what is the fastest way to master the program, ie are there certain videos, or courses that helped you turn a corner that you could recommend? Would anyone be interested in tutoring?? I can pay VENMO or PAYPAL. Many of you have answered several questions for me in the past and I would like to thank you again, this is a very helpful forum. Best to you!
  6. I'm in my electrical layer set. I want Chief to auto dimension my plugs, switches, and fixtures. I checked "dimensions electrical" in layers, thinking the electrical dimensions would appear on that layer. Of coarse not. Couldn't be that easy. Any advice on how to get chief to dimension electrical, only on electrical layer?
  7. U guy's are awesome. Where you born that way or did you develop it over time?
  8. Chief community- I'm wanting to send some camera views to layout. They arrive full size and when resized to fit, I loose to much view. Is there a way to concentrically resize the camera views before sending to layout or after they've arrived on the layout page? Thanks!
  9. I solved this-- had to shrink layout page to size of a quarter to see all notes. Thanks Chief forum!
  10. Thanks! How do resize library notes text to fit my layout sheet?
  11. I'm trying to click and drop some construction notes from library onto a layout page. The notes come in enormous with no handles to resize. So drooped them in plan view, relected, resized and sent, but it sent the plan with it. I could crop it out, but is that true success or is there something else I should have done?
  12. You are so kind, great advice. That makes perfect sense to me, the program has been acting like that's not possible, but I must not be setting up my layers correctly or something- because you described exactly what I have been trying to accomplish. I don't want to take advantage or your kind assistance but I have one more question- I'm trying to copy boiler plate construction notes out of the library into my plan. When I drop them into layout they are enormous- 10 times the size of the layout page itself. I can't get them to produce handles- so I droped them on the plan page next to the plan and resized...but when I sent to layout it sent the floor plan along with the notes. Do I just crop in layout and call good, or do I go into defaults (or something and change that).
  13. I have some kind of a block. I have watched dozens of hour of Training videos. I have a few seemingly simple things to do that I can't figure out how to do. I have a plan with two interior walls that will be removed. I have indicated with notes and a dashed red Poly line surrounding the demo area. I get that the way I want it and copy the layer titling it "Demolition plan" and click OK. So I have a demolition plan with the items turned on I want to display. Now I want to go back to that plan-copy layer-name :proposed floor plan". Then I want to delete those two walls and draw the new walls and give that layer a name "proposed floor plan". But adding/removing walls on the two separate layers effects both. I'm making a thought mistake right here. Chief doesn't work the way I'm thinking. Can any one tell me the golden nugget I'm missing. I think I'm making the mistake of bringing MS word document thinking to the program and can't find the gold nugget to help me think "chief". Thanks to chief community!
  14. Thank you Joe. I suppose that's true for wall or anything else. That's another problem I'm having related to my same gap in understanding. I'm try to show existing walls in demo plan, then new walls in proposed plan. And when I add remove walls, it does it in both layer sets. I'm missing a little step that will solve all these problem. I'll do more video watching...thanks for your help!!
  15. BTW Joe, we're in the same neighbor...I'm in San Diego right now
  16. Thank you Joe. Once I save plan view of say, framing plan. Send to Layout. Then need to do a couple of manual dimensions electrical plan. Will the new manual dimensions on electrical plan show up on saved framing plan. That's what I'm fighting. In most of my layers I have manual dimensions turned on. But I want some manual dimension to show on framing, that i don't on, say, plumbing or electrical and I don't know how to accomplish it!! Your input is GREATLY appreciated.
  17. I'm hacking my way through this. I'm sure I'll love Chief this time next year. I'm having to do a bunch of "work around" to accommodate my inability to make it work like Dan Bauhman. Because I haven't fully learned layers, I'm creating CAD blocks of each completed plan view and sending the CAD blocks to layers so the things I want to show on other layers, don't appear on other layer sets I don't want them to. Have to have this project done by Monday and am spending hours doing what Dan does in seconds. Here's my immediate need: A work-around I did was creating a second floor and putting items on it I wanted, saved as a CAD block, labelled it, whallaa, had what I needed. Then send to layout and below the title I gave it shows "second floor plan" to save my life I can't figure out how to make that "label" go away. Doesn't show up in plan view only on layout page. Help greatly appreciated.
  18. Can someone share with me how to change the size of the layout sheet.
  19. Thank you Chopsaw, I'm using X6. No, modify all layer sets is not on. So, if on framing layer and make some manual dimensions, and go to another layer set, say plan view set, those same manual dimensions show up there also. I may be misunderstanding how layers work. I thought layer categories where isolated from one another and the manual dimensions on plumbing would not show up on manual dimension on framing. That APPEARS to be faulty thinking. That may be why there are several categorizes of dimensions, and I may need to work in certain dimension fields to keep them limited to that layer?? But still, it would seem you could put a manual dimension on one layer, that would not show up on another layer if w manual dimension turned on??? Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  20. Hello Chief community, I have drawn some cad line details on some layers, that display on other layers I want to draw different cad lines on. The problem is Cad lines I want in one layer display in another. When I turn them off in the layer I don't want them in, they also go off in the layer I DO want them in. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!
  21. Thanks guys, that's what I needed.
  22. How do I change the paper size of a layout sheet?
  23. Thanks! I did watch that video...seemed to complicated for the simple task I'm trying to do. Just thought might be a simpler way to do it. Thanks for responding!
  24. I'm doing a project where the interior walls are demo'd, leaving the outer walls only. I have the as built drawings complete and now want to export that drawing to the layout page, and begin drawing the new interior walls. I can't figure out how to use layers to send the completed as-built to layout, then draft the new interior walls with out effecting the as built walls. Can anyone give me a push in the right direction on this. Is it solved in layers, CAD block, help greatly appreciated!