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  1. No problem Eric. Sometimes I have to go through iterations for it to sink in, and I believe this would have been one of those instances. I thank you very much for your input, and I certainly now get what you were trying to convey. Thank you very much for your time.
  2. Steve, I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I am obviously new to Chief and the Auto Detail function was a revelation to me. I can now see how using the floor plan and overviews will be used to get the house close and the working drawings will be fine tuned in views using tools like Auto Detail. Perfect. Thanks again.
  3. Steve, the point where the brick sets on the concrete foundation (see below). I need to have the brick below the sill plate on a brick ledge in the foundation. See below. The tools are there in the wall profile, but Chief ignores the settings when you are working with a pony wall.
  4. Thanks again Steve for another awesome video. If you do a cross sectional view of the wall you built, you will see that the brick from the top half of the pony wall is sitting on top of the concrete foundation. The one detail that cannot be done now is to pull the brick down below the sill plate onto a brick ledge built into the concrete foundation (this was actually the detail that the thread was attempting to solve). Chief will not let you do this, at least not on a pony wall. If the entire foundation is concrete, Chief will let you pull the brick down from the first floor wall onto a br
  5. Unfortunately Steve, this approach does not work, as when I attempt to move the brick up on the bottom half, it moves the entire foundation up. The idea is to have the foundation be a pony wall where the top half is a cripple wall of 2x4 with brick skin and the bottom half concrete with brick skin where I can step the brick independently of the foundation, i.e, keep the foundation height unchanged while stepping the brick. I am afraid that this may exceed the Chief's abilities.
  6. Steve, awesome video, thank you very much. That is almost what I am attempting to do. Your pony wall is all concrete with brick. I need the pony wall (basement wall) to be concrete on the bottom half and 2x4 on the top half. The terrain is sloping, so I do not need an 8 foot concrete wall throughout. Now, based on your video, I am going to attempt the same principles, with the bottom half of the pony wall, so I can step the brick on the bottom half. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks again.
  7. I agree Eric. If the foundation wall is all concrete, Chief will let the brick from the first floor be extended down to a ledge on the concrete foundation where the ledge height can be defined. However, if you turn the foundation wall into a pony wall, Chief will not allow the brick from the top half of the pony to be extended down to a ledge in the concrete. Chief will allow you to define a ledge height in the pony wall profile, but it basically ignores whatever values you enter. Seems like an oversight in the programming to me. If I can pull down brick from the first floor, seems like I
  8. Yes, eventually, but with brick instead of siding. I know how to make the step, that is not the problem. The problem is that I need to pull the brick down over the concrete to a ledge, which the program seems to be unable to do once the foundation wall is turned into a pony wall. It seems that the program is unable to create a brick ledge on the concrete foundation once it has been converted to a pony wall. The following is a crude cross sectional sketch of what I am attempting to convey.
  9. The following image is the left hand side of the foundation where I have made the foundation a pony wall. Notice that the brick sits atop the concrete foundation. I wish to have the brick come down over the concrete 6" to a brick ledge. The following is a detail of the right side where the foundation is all concrete. Notice that the brick comes down to a ledge. Now if I were to change the right side to a pony wall with the upper half being 2x4 and the bottom concrete, the ledge will go away and the brick will sit directly on top of the concrete foundation. Now, I can go into the wall
  10. Thanks Bob, I have added the signature information requested. I am attaching a copy of the file in question. Note that the file was greater than 25 MB, so I had to compress. I left the right foundation wall a pure 8" concrete wall where you can see I am able to create a brick ledge. On the left wall, I converted the foundation wall to a pony wall where the top half is a 2x4 frame and the bottom half is an 8" concrete wall. Notice that the brick ledge disappears, and the brick sets on top of the concrete foundation. When I go into the wall profile, I am able to change the brick ledge sett
  11. I have a stepped foundation that is a pony wall with 8" foundation on the bottom half and 2x4 frame on top half. I wish to lower the brick ledge on the 8" foundation, but the program is using the top of the foundation as the ledge and will not allow me to lower the ledge. When I enter a ledge height, the program does not respond. This only happens when I turn the foundation into a pony wall. Can anyone help?