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  1. ok new problem, this project is putting on a room on a truss hip roof rectangular house to form a "L". the roof trusses on the rectangle are drawn correct ,i have put a roof plane (triangle )over were the new trusses will sit on the old roof trusses. The problem is that when i drag trusses up the old trusses (from the new extension} it only puts noggins between two of the old trusses. i have tried to upload the file but i get an up load failed message each time, is there a way to screen shot and post?
  2. thanks ,i will update my profile. still working on the truss layout but a lot further along with your help thanks
  3. that did the trick. Thanks Because of the different names that we call items in Australia it can be hard to find the correct videos. can you explain how i would get a picture of each truss with dimensions for fabrication thanks
  4. ok i am new, i have x6 which was the current version when i bought it .i have drawn a l shaped house which needs a hip and valley roof. i have drawn the roof planes (auto) and i believe i have the ceiling planes. my problem is i need to draw the trusses (auto if pos} the videos show how to draw a straight gable end roof but not hip and valley.i have managed to draw 1 truss across the hip but it is for a gable roof. what do i need to do? also where do i find the "multiple button" all help appreciated
  5. how do you save layouts and raytraces for emailing to people. how do you convert to pdfs? how do you resize so that they are about A4 size when the client opens there email? i have looked in the manual but i cant seem to find the info. when i link to a email the picture comes out about the size of a match box and the recever cant resize.
  6. thanks jeff for your answer i am very new .what is the best why to email to a client layouts and ray traces,what do i save them as ? and how?where would i find this info? i have tried a search
  7. how do you email a saved raytrace to a client so that they can enlarge without losing definition. at the moment when i send them they are very small and will not enlarge to the screen size or if they do they become fuzzy.
  8. firstly I do try and find the answers before asking. on my elevations I need to show the ceiling heights from floor level can someone let me know how to do this without all the other dimensions eg window/ door positions thanks
  9. can someone point me in the direction of how to turn the elevation fill off or how to enlarge it so when I send the pictures to layout they don't show up as a solid colour? eg: the bricks are so small that the walls are black. same with the roof tiles. thanks
  10. imagekit


    I have found the metric templates. thanks
  11. imagekit


    I am just starting to use layout, the plans I draw are in metric and my layout settings are set to metric.(x6). the problem I am having is that when I convert my print page size to A3 the boarders and title blocks don't change . ihave tried dragging them in but this just makes the page smaller each time. thanks for the help
  12. a simple one but I can not find how to change the defaults for layout to metric permenantly. can someone help?