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  1. Wow, gamechanger. That was it, I've been looking for that forever. Should've posted long ago. Thanks so much for the help
  2. Thanks to both, the status bar is the quick reference I was looking for. Does the ALDO change automatically when you select a different object? Right now, mine does not.
  3. Is there a way to show the layer an object is on without opening the object specifications? Maybe down on the bottom bar (not sure what it's called)
  4. Thx Joe, I will probably have to wait - thx for the help anyway
  5. Thx Joe, I'm pretty green on macros. Could you point me in the right direction on doing this? I'm assuming a custom macro in the window labels and then would the "Number" column report the macros accordingly?
  6. Thx Joe, I'm pretty green on macros. Could you point me in the right direction on doing this? I'm assuming a custom macro in the window labels and then would the "Number" column report the macros accordingly?
  7. Eric - yes that was the idea, place a schedule that can be referenced on F1 floor plan for F1 windows and another on F2 floor plan for F2 windows. I did not want to start the numbering over at "1" when I changed floors.
  8. I would like to show a window schedule on first floor and begin numbering for windows, say numbers 1-10. Then, I would like to show a second floor schedule that picks up the numbering where the first floor numbering left off, 11-16 or whatever. Is this possible to do with the schedule feature?
  9. Great help - thanks to both of you
  10. Is there a way to show the portion of the wall above the wall height when using a wall elevation camera? For example, the "gable" portion of a wall in a vaulted living room.
  11. Been out a couple of days, but thank for the responses. I will try both of these....
  12. In the schedule, is there a way to show the mulled unit as a line item, such as Item 1 and the components that make up the mulled unit listed under as 1A, 1B, 1C, etc.? If not, any recommendations that accomplish the same thing would be appreciated. Thx
  13. Michael, thx for the help. Spot on in both cases - I was driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. I still have these lines between the floor on the window wall. Not big deals, but just curious how to eliminate. Any ideas? template3.plan
  14. Please see attached screenshot - can anyone assist in ridding these lines from the corners of the 2nd floor walls and between floors from my vector views? The line between Foundation and 1st floor is black, between 1st and 2nd Floor is white (I don't think this one shows in layouts, but the one on the foundation level does). Kind of annoying -- also, not sure if related, but when you toggle between 1st and 2nd floor in the plan view, the line (or line weight) of the main layer is different but I'm using the same wall. Is there a setting that could change this from floor to floor? template2.plan
  15. The template was from X7. It does appear to have something to do with the older template. I can start a new plan in x9 and the footings show normally. Head scratcher...
  16. I have 2 issues: In layout view, I cannot figure out why my footings have shown up in yellow as if they had been filled. I don't know of a specification box where I can change the color fill for the footings. Also, I would to shade the block of my foundation wall like the attached picture. If I fill with the angle hatch pattern, I can't shade the block gray as I wanted. Any ideas? Pike.plan
  17. Richard - you nailed it. That was the problem, the floor heights were different causing the lines to appear. Thanks for all the help guys
  18. I had thought that as well, but there's no room polyline and it's definitely on the Doors layer
  19. Can anyone tell me why some of my doors have lines across the door openings and other do not? I would love to make them consistent
  20. NEVERMIND, don't remember having to scroll down to find snap units in previous versions. BUT, lo and behold, there it is
  21. Just upgraded to x9 btw, and when I double click mouse pointer icon and go to General Plan Defaults, I have General Settings and Allowed Angles available as options. Snap Grid/Snap Units, Reference Grid, and Living Area options are not in the dialogue box at all. Am I missing something? Are they in a new location for x9?
  22. I almost feel stupid, but that's perfect, thx
  23. Is there a way to bring a dimension label in front of an intersecting dimension line? When you select the dimension line, it highlights and brings the label to the front (see attached pic). This is how I would like for it to look permanently. When it is deselected it stays behind the intersecting dimension line. Any ideas on how to remedy this and have the label in front?
  24. ok, I got it. David, you were all over it, thx. I finally drew a selection box over the marker and realized I wasn't selecting the marker but the dimension line. as long as you still have the ptp tool selected, I don't think you can select the marker. once you select the normal pointer tool you can select any leg of the marker and drag and move it. thx guys for the help