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  1. 4hotshoez's post in Two Story Room Has Interior Wall Surface Issues. was marked as the answer   
    No answers? No questions?
    One problem was that the walls were not aligned from floor to floor. But the one thing that helped was to change the default "exterior" and "Interior" walls to be both the same thickness (2x6 framing) rather than changing the pony wall. After changing the walls to the same thickness, I aligned the second floor walls to the first floor again and the pony wall properly rebuilt according to the default "interior" and "exterior" wall settings.
    Solved my own problem.
  2. 4hotshoez's post in Shelves In Cabinets was marked as the answer   
    Doh! Found it. Clicked on the open cabinet face and the dialog box changes its info for adjusting shelves.
  3. 4hotshoez's post in Attic Space As A Floor was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Lew, but that is the part I already knew. I found a video that really solved the problem. Not sure if the link will work here  or for everybody.
  4. 4hotshoez's post in Inserting Doors was marked as the answer   
    I solved it! Click and hold  the mouse button down while moving around and release when you see the correct swing direction. EASY!