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    Tracing images of floor plans?

    Is it not possible to import an image of a floor plan into the Room Planner app to trace it when adding rooms and furniture? I tried the demo version of the app, and couldn't find a way to do that, and then I read the website and thought it said that this was a paid feature. I went ahead and paid for the app, and then realized I misread the part of the website that actually said "Use for Remodeling & Real Estate to get as-built measurements or floorplans; then, import into Chief Architect software for additional design detail." I really hope I am just overlooking something, because it seems really inconvenient to create a floorplan without having a reference image to trace... It seems like this is an option in some of the other software you offer: Tracing Over an Imported File to Create a 3D Floorplan Thanks!