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  1. Thank you for your help I am sure you have more to do than give me a step by step instruction. You have helped me more than what I can find in the videos online. I am sure just like any program, this program has more ways to draw things in many ways to get the result, and PRACTICE!!! The more I mess with it the better I understand but I am not there yet. Thank you all for all your help!
  2. Instead of having the roof like in post #8
  3. so will doing that move the roof in the large room (on the right with the large windows) to that location, or is this for something else.
  4. Jintu that looks great thank you for getting the result that I need, unfortunately for me I still do not understand the "patching holes". When I start doing that the roof looks like a Japanese cartoon hair piece. In post #8 I thought I broke the roof, but it stayed on the other side of the house. But I will try some of your suggestions.
  5. Sorry out of the office today. CJSpud: I know there are somethings that are not correct as a final drawing I was trying to get the desired shape before bringing back in the eves. I have watched a bunch of videos on how to do roofs but they all seem to be on square or "L" shaped homes. I tried different methods when I saved it last. The thing is that I can change the roof but don't know how to patch the holes, if that makes since. The small porch on the back the home owner wanted a shorter porch roof so I was giving them a visual of what it would look like. I know the posts were not in the correct area because I was moving that roof all over the place. I know I had some drainage problem areas but that is where I really get into trouble, I just can not seem to fix the roofs when I start to move the roof planes around. Chiefer: YES!!! That is a much cleaner plan than I could ever come up with. Now the question to you both is how on earth do you do that?
  6. The Problem that I have with the auto roofs is that I get the wrong result. I have used the "Make roof base polylines". This has gotten me closer to the desired look. The attached picture is when I have removed the polylines and do the automatic build roof. Now in the picture I have the wall with the windows marked as a gable. Why does it go all the way across to the other roof instead of stopping at that the end of it's own wall?
  7. Sorry new to this site still learning.....
  8. other file. I could not attach the excel file so I hope this picture is big enough.
  9. Hello I am having a hard time with the roof. I have done a lot of research and all the examples on your site only shows a square or "L" shaped house. I was wondering if you could help in a few areas. 1. I need a roof peak to be in the center of a room due to the windows in the attic area, which the room has no ceiling. 2. On the rear porch for some odd reason the ceiling is not up to where it needs to be. 3. In the same general area I have a roof edge sticking out. I had to put a small hip there so the gable does not extend to the other side of the house. 4. How do you make eave from different roofs meet at a desired measurement, 16" is mine. I have attached an excel file and the Chief file. Thank you question.plan