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  1. I can open them in V8 Viewer but don't know how to get it to where I can use them Ed
  2. I have a disk from 2000 that I bought called Residential-details Plus by Cadd Drafting & Design. It has an amazing amount of details on it , But the file format is not compatible with Chief anymore. It PL1 & CA1. I think Chief is CLib. It would be so advantageous to convert the files but can't find out where or how? Sure could use some help. B.T.W. the disk is no longer available. Ed Deering
  3. I have an existing house that has a Geen House on the back. More like a lean-to. I would like to put it on the existing plan. I thought I saw one in the library but can't find it. Ed
  4. and would like to know where I can find some images of shooters indifferent positions
  5. I have an old disk calle Residential Details Plus. won't work on 9 does any one know if they make an update?
  6. I have DYD From Cadd Drafting & Design that's quite old and would like to find a similar one that works with Chief. Any one know where to find something like this? Ed
  7. Working on a gun store interior. I would like to know if the Rifle/Shotgun symbols that show as vertical (standing up) can be changed to Horizontal (hanging on "slat board") I opened the symbol and tried and there's no rotate handle in elevation view