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    Quality output

    How can I get a high resolution bitmap image of a plan? Preferably PNG? I have tried clicking the little arrow at the top and selecting Save Image, but this produces what looks to be a very low quality screenshot, which is useless for my purposes as it does not even include the whole plan, or if I reduce the plan size to fit then labels are illegible.
  2. cascadepixels

    Metric dimensions?

    Found it. Settings | Dimensions | Units. However, entering dimensions is tedious because it is necessary to manually clear the existing dimension first, and then enter the new value, not forgetting to enter the unit of measurement as well eg: 2.34m May I suggest that the original measurement be preselected, so that typing anything immediately replaces the old value; or display nothing and then replace the value when Enter is pressed. Also, please make the unit of measurement default to what I have selected in Settings.
  3. cascadepixels

    Metric dimensions?

    How do I change units from feet/inches to metric?