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  1. SoftDesign

    Room inside a room

    Here's a pix....
  2. SoftDesign

    Someone please help this is driving me crazy!

    You have a fairly small house? How many rooms? Maybe there is an issue with defaulting to meters instead of feet somehow?
  3. SoftDesign

    Room inside a room

    A "room within a room" can be done with three or five separate rooms arranged with "the one" in the center, surrounded by either 2 "L rooms" or four rectagular rooms arranged around the outside of the first. Then make invisible interviening walls by highlighting and then tapping the "eye" icon.
  4. SoftDesign

    Grouping objects

    I don't believe so....
  5. SoftDesign

    Tile walls

    Perhaps a useful workaround.... use an "architecturale object" sized to fit against wall and very thin (.25") with the tile texture appllied to simulate?
  6. SoftDesign

    Having difficulty deleting walls and more

    Any wall can be toggled invisible / visible by tapping on the "eye" icon which appears above the selected wall...hope that helps. I think if you give it some more time you'll find the construction process speeds up.
  7. SoftDesign


    FWIW.... I have put a "lawn" outside windows by using the square rug sscaled up outside with one of the fabric materials tinted green. Perhaps multiple "rugs" with different materials assigned could be used? Good Luck,