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  1. Not sure if this was aimed at me or not, but I am from NZ so there is a time delay....(and am a novice so it takes me a bit of time). Thank you all for your help and I am about to give it a go so will let you know.
  2. Hi HumbleChief, Thanks for your help - so no way of showing in a normal cross section also shown? Thanks
  3. I have made just the stairs 'open below', the rest are definitely rooms as shown below.
  4. I am a new user, and am working on my first multi level dwelling. I know how to create a ground floor foundation, but want to create mid floor slabs for the levels above. I have tried a few things but nothing will appear in cross section as a solid obvious object. It will be a timber structure, but I dont want to indicate that at this stage, just a solid floor.